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On a Friday night, mid August, June Hall layed in my arms for the first time in her life. Well in anybody's arms.
We were both crying, obviously she screamed and didn't just cried, but that's not the point. I was so happy to finally meet her, look at her, hold her.

Even though I thought I have to die in between every contraction and I'm still in a lot of pain, all I could think of was that I'm a mother of a beautiful daughter now and that we are our own little family.

My mum got very emotional while seeing her granddaughter for the first time and the sight just made me cry all over again.
"I can't believe I'm a grandma now. I need to come up with a name she's gonna call me."

"Mum she's 4 days old you'll have like a whole year now to think of that." I giggled. I loved that my family supported me so much.

"Okay but to be honest..she does look like Lando a lot."
Hannah said, looking at me frightened.
"Don't look at me like that. Of course she does. He's her father after all so I can't blame him."
I laughed at her.
Hannah immediately sighed relieved.

We chatted a lot while June was given around from family member to family member until mum carried her again.
"Did you decided on how to tell the world she exists?"
My mum didn't even looked up to me, she just stared at June the whole time.

"Nah I'm not sure if I should in the first place. It's nothing of their business but I can't hide her completely anymore. So maybe just without any personal information. That should be fine."

"Yeah I agree. More hiding leads to more confusion at the end of the day."
V said. "But let's not think about it yet. She's only been here for 4 days."

After my family left, June and I were chilling in bed. She really does look like Lando. Just the feminine version of him. And small. Obviously.

The social media and press thing concerned me a lot to be honest. I thought about that a lot in my pregnancy, which I was able to hide almost completely. There were a few rumors but the number was so little, no one believed in them.

Not showing her face nor her name is the best solution I got and I plan on kinda soft launch her. Well it won't be a soft launch in the end anyways because when there's a newborn all of a sudden it's more of a hard launch.

Anyway, I wanted to enjoy the time with June before introducing her to the internet and the press and I did wait a few weeks.

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