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As I sat there panicking I didn't know what to do. Lando noticed that I was no longer relaxed but really stressed all of a sudden.
"Em? What's wrong?" He asked cautiously.
"For fucks sake they're so fast. Sorry. Sorry oh god. Okay I'm panicking right now." I panted trying not to say any more bad words because of June. Lando stood up to kneel down in front of me. He took my chin and made me look at him.
"Hey Em. Look at me. You need to breathe okay? And then tell me what happened." He calmly said, breathing in and out deep and slow to show me how to do it and to follow his breathing.
June then started to cry. Probably because she sensed my change of mood. I sat her on my lap, trying to calm down myself so she could too and rubbing her back until she stopped again.
"Okay so. These paparazzi are really fast. This time you can't see June tho." I stammered but Lando still didn't understand what was going on so I just handed him my phone. I went straight to Twitter after Noah sent me the picture so he could read all the comments too.
"That's crazy. That was a few minutes ago or something. Okay listen. Here's what we're doing. You can't see June so that's good but I need you to delete Twitter. You shouldn't read those comments. It's one thing what they say about me but a completely different thing what they're saying about you. It's even worse. Promise me to delete Twitter and don't download it again?" He suggested and I just nodded. "You're right, that's probably the best thing to do." I agreed.
"Good. I know that this is not ideal but don't let them ruin our beach day." Lando smiled and I couldn't help but smile along.
"Right. Let's not give them that power over us."
I stated.
Lando nodded while he stood up, then he scrunched up his face in disgust.
"Why are you making that face?" I asked. Instead of answering he just started clapping to get all the sand off his hands and legs.
"I hate sand. Beach is cool but the sand sticking on me? Nah ah I can refrain." He answered delayed.
"That's inconvenient since the beach is basically made from sand." I laughed.
"Yes I know you muppet." He snapped but we both knew he didn't mean it in a bad way.
I put my phone in my bag, ignoring all the messages I got so I could enjoy the day at the beach with my new little family.
We went for a swim together. Lando had bought a baby swim ring for June and now she was just hanging in the water enjoying herself.
"Wow look at how relaxed she is. I wouldn't be surprised if she would fall asleep any minute." I whispered to Lando to not scare June.
I got no response so I turned around in search for Lando. "Why are you not answering- omg!" I asked confused which then turned into a suprised scream. That evil man waited behind me until I turned around to him to splash me with water and let me tell you it wasn't just a little splash, no, it felt like a big ass wave. I couldn't move for a few seconds because I was still in shock. The water was a lot cooler than I expected. After I gained back the control over my body I tied my hair into a wet and messy bun.
"You're so gonna regret that Norris." I threatened him but he just bit his lip to not laugh out loud.
"You're still laughing but just wait" I warned but at the same time I splashed back. We then started a water fight that escalated very quickly. The water splashing was just the beginning because after he had enough he tried to knock me over. Well he didn't only try he succeeded to wich I responded with jumping on his back, making him fall over. At some point we both laid in the water trying to push the other under water. Eventually I gave in because I sat on his shoulders to make him fall over again but he used it against me, holding onto my legs and leaning back so I couldn't emerge the water. He was basically water boarding me and I couldn't do anything about it.
Lando took that as a win, holding up one finger as if he was celebrating a victory. "And Lando Norris is the winner of the water fight against Emily Hall." He exclaimed with a big cheeky smile on his face.
While he stood there celebrating his win and pushing his own ego I took a last chance to push him over. He landed in the water with a big splash and June bursted out laughing.
"That was funny right June? Yeah I think so too." I laughed with her until Lando reappeared at the surface. He shook his head to get his hair out of his face but all I could think of was a dog shaking to get dry. I took the same pose as he had before. "Emily Hall defeats the previous water fight winner Lando Norris with a great performance!" I exclaimed with a smile this time.
"Well when you want to win in that sneaky way go on. Take the victory." He said provocative
"Win is win right? That's how life works. Sometimes it works out for you but sometimes it doesn't and it's just so cruel." I shrugged but I noticed only a few moments later how deep that was. Landos smile faded and he sighed as if I ripped him out of his dreamland that he used to escape reality.
"Who are you telling that." He mumbled on the way back to our spot at the beach.
"No Lando I didn't mean it that way. I'm sorry."
I shouted after him and quickly took Junes swimming ring to push her in front of me until the water was too shallow for her to be in that ring so I took her out.
"Come on Lando don't be mad at me I really didn't mean it. You're great. All your hard work will pay off at the end I'm a 100% sure. You're a great driver no matter what the haters say. They probably know nothing about racing and are just jealous of your talent and your success and probably your looks too." I apologized and tried to assure him.
I was still too far from him to see his face plus he stood with his back to me. When I approached him I could hear his little noises that he made when he held back his laughter and I saw him biting on his lip again. He couldn't hold it for much longer so he bursted out laughing.
"You should've seen your face. I totally got you there." He laughed at me even kneeling down in the sand because he was laughing so much.
"Oh my god. You're such an-" instead of saying a bad word I hit his shoulder. "I thought you were hurt by what I said." I snapped while I tried to dry June but she was so infected by his laughter that she leaned down to him so he could take her and they laid on the ground together laughing like two crazy people.
"You two are unbelievable." I said but a small traitorous smile formed on my face.
When he and June calmed down and dried themself we enjoyed a short moment of silence after all the action in the water.
"I'm honored of how talented you think I am. And you said I was good looking too" Lando broke the silence.
I tossed my shirt that I used as a pillow at him.
"Oh shut up!" I laughed shyly.
He indeed really got me there.

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