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Noah asked if I can give him
you number.

Said he forgot to ask you.

Is it fine with you if I give him your

Noah asked for my number?

Yeah 👍🏼

Did he tell you why he wants my
number? Like I know what people
need other peoples number for but
did he say something?

Nope. But he's a good guy. You
should give him a little chance imo.

You know that I don't want a
relationship with anyone atm

I know but I'm just saying it wouldn't
hurt. Plus it distracts you from another
certain someone.

Well it could hurt!

But aren't you gonna be hurt when
Lando goes out with another girl


Okay fine. But we're not going to
be anything more than friends.
Just for the records!


My phone went straight back into my pocket and I let out a heavy sigh while I fell on the sofa. I was really tired from the flight and yet met so many people in only one day.
When I thought about the whole day again I came to the conclusion that Oscar was right. Noah really seems to be a nice guy and even though I didn't want a relationship doesn't mean I can't change my mind. Who knows?
I may or may not fell asleep on the sofa until I heard June crying in the bedroom. I took a glance on the clock only to realize that I slept for almost two hours. June woke up just as I expected but what I didn't expect was that she wouldn't go back to sleep. Normally she does after some time of me rocking her around or a little drink of milk but that doesn't seem to be the case today. Not even white noise helped her fall asleep.
"That's what they call 8 month sleep deprivation then huh?" I sighed.
When I decided to stop trying to get her sleepy, she immediately stopped crying. She wasn't in a good mood at all but it seemed like she just didn't want to sleep so I went back to her playing mat. I sat her down but as soon as I did she cried again.
"June it's fine I won't leave you. I'm right here." I yawned out loud but she didn't stop. Not until I picked her up again.
She looked at me with her big round (beautiful) eyes and I could see that she was so so tired.
"Why won't you sleep baby? I can see that you're fighting sleep with everything you got." I gently stroked her little strand of hair out of her face.
The next second she jiggled around and leaned to the ground to the play mat.
"What so you want to play all of a sudden?" This time I sat down with her and she didn't complain a second. No. Instead she started to play with her giraffe and her balls like it was midday. One thing I noticed though was the fact that she wouldn't leave my side once. She stayed seated between my legs even when her toy rolled out of reach.
"Okay but what now? How long are you planing on playing in the middle of the night?" I asked her, but she just gave me a side eye and continued on playing. I sighed again in search for my phone. Luckily it wasn't out of reach because otherwise June would start to cry again.
I saw a text message from an unknown number so I just assumed it was Noah


Hey! It's Noah. I'm so sorry
I has do ask Oscar for your
number. I totally fortgot earlier.

Hey Noah! It's fine I was
just suprised that you wanted
to have my number.

You're still awake?

Yes I am

Just like you

That's my reason, what's yours?

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That's my reason, what's yours?

Oh no she's still awake? Well
I don't really have a reason,
just couldn't sleep

She woke up an hour ago and
won't go back to sleep 🫠 that's
like torture for both of us

I can imagine that.

No actually I can't hahaha

Good for you honestly

If you need something, text me
I'll be there in 10 minutes
but I wanted to have you number
for in the first place, was to ask if
you want to go out with me?

That's really nice of you.
and I would love to go out with

Perfect. So what about
tomorrow evening?

Yeah that should work

Then tomorrow it is. I'll
pick you up

See you tomorrow then ☺️

I wrote a quick message to Lily. I knew she will arrive tomorrow so I asked her if she could watch after June. She said yes but asked why and that was when it hit me. This was about to be my first date since I got pregnant. I haven't been on a date for so long I didn't even know how it worked. They say dating and flirting is like riding a bike: you don't unlearn to do it, and I hope they were right.
I let Lando know that June is spending the day with Lily tomorrow because I'm meeting someone. To my surprise he didn't even answer. I saw that he read my message but he didn't answer it.
"Okay fine. If ghosting is a thing now. Pff." I said to myself. I knew that I exaggerated there but I didn't even know myself why it bothered me so much. A short 'okay, thanks for letting me know' would've been enough and I'm sure it wouldn't hurt him to send a short text like that. The more I thought about it, the more I got worked up over this small little thing. I tried to keep myself distracted from the topic while I played with June but she was so tired that she fell asleep with a toy still in her hand, leaning on me. I gently stroked her hair a smile forming on my lips.
In the end, I went to bed with June so I didn't do something I would regret after. It was probably just my sleep deprivation and my jet lag anyway.
When I finally hit the pillow I noticed that I didn't even tell my sisters about Noah. Well it's probably the best because they would suggest to make Lando jealous or something. That totally makes no sense. He doesn't even like like me so why should he be jealous?

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