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Oscar entered the hospitality, ready to leave when he spotted me. "Look who we got here. What did you do to change his mood? I'd like to know for my own safety in the future." Of course he said it ironically but I could hear a little bit of truth in his voice as well so I laughed.
"Well..long story short, he changed his mind. I guess we need a long talk now so we can figure out this new situation." I explained, smiling suddenly. It's a new, scary journey but I'm ready to do it.
"So your plan worked then? June kind of seduced him?" We both laughed at the thought.
"Whatcha guys laughing about?" Lando stood next to us all of a sudden peeking over Oscar's shoulder.
"Obviously you mate." Oscar chirped to annoy Lando but he cannot be provoked. At least not today because I was sure they fought sometimes because of things like that.
"Well it's getting late and I'm sooo tired. I will leave now and let you guys alone. Because I'm tired." Oscar exaggerated. He made it so obvious that he wanted us to talk that both me and Lando looked away and held back our laughter.
Oscar waved and left us alone after he winked at me. Idiot. He's such an idiot, I thought and chuckled.
"He made it a little awkward to be honest." Lando said with a big smile on his face that screamed 'I'm about to burst out in laughter any second'.
"A little? That's an understatement." I exclaimed but not in a bad way. We both cherished his friendship a lot so we clearly couldn't be mad at him for long.
"Anyway. We should have a talk about this whole new situation. I thought about it a lot and even though I didn't care at first I don't want to miss anything. Not more than I already did." Lando whispered.
"Yeah I think so too. Maybe tomorrow evening? After your race? You probably need to rest before tomorrow right?" I replied and he nodded Yes.
"Tomorrow evening it is" we stood there in awkward silence for a few minutes until he dared to speak up first.
"Well I need to get my stuff and head to the hotel after. You should leave already, could take a little while." He made a hand movement behind to show that he was leaving to get his things.
"Okay then. See you tomorrow." I said and left the hospitality to get back to the hotel.
When I stepped outside the paddock, I saw Oscar leaning on a car, looking at his phone. He saw me as I approached him and opened the door for me without saying a thing. I put the sleeping June in the baby seat carefully so I didn't wake her and got in the car on the other side.
As soon as I closed the door Oscar turned around in his front seat with a big grin on his face.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked. Of course I knew what he wanted to know.
"Did you two talk? How did it go?" He asked excitedly.
I sighed. What a nosy kid. "We didn't talk yet. We will tomorrow after the race tho so he can rest before. Like you should right now too. What happened to 'oh I'm sooo tired'?" I accused him but he waved it off like it never happened. "Nah I'm not tired at all. But of course you're right and I should rest. Why did you sound like Lily and my mom just now?" He shook his body and turned to the front again for the rest of the ride.
Most of the time I spend watching June sleeping. I couldn't hold back my smile.
'Somehow everything turned out to be just fine.'

Back at the hotel I laid June down and to my surprise she didn't woke up during the whole procedure. It was a really long day with the weekend being a sprint weekend and I wanted to go to sleep but something felt off. I felt like I should talk to Lando today. I knew I told him it would be better to wait until tomorrow but I just couldn't.
Thinking back and forth I walked around the hotel room with my phone and Landos contact open. Should I? Should I not?
I decided to do it and started typing.

Lando Norris

Hey Lando, I thought, maybe
you want to talk now?

I looked at the message and shook my head. That's way too stiff. Maybe more direct?

Lando Norris

Do you want to come over and talk?

Again this didn't feel like the right message, so I deleted it again. It had to be more loose.

Lando Norris

Hey Lando, sorry to interrupt your
very much needed beauty sleep
and I know I suggested to talk tomorrow
but I thought maybe you'd like to come over
to my room and talk now?

I read the message a few more times, changed a bit, deleted it, wrote it again then put my phone down, shaking my head, taking it again to send the message but then sighing heavily because I still wasn't sure if I should send it or not.
I was finally about to send the message when someone knocked at my door which made me jolt. I was so deep in my thoughts and didn't expect someone to knock at this hour.
After the second knock I realized I had to open the door so I went to get it.
Lando stood in front of me, his hand in the air ready to knock again.
"Oh hey. Sorry, I know it's kinda late but I couldn't sleep so I figured that maybe you wanted to talk now?" He fumbled with his hands as if he was nervous.
I smiled
"Funny because I thought the same thing. I was about to text you." I held up my phone then stepped aside to let him in. He didn't have to know for how long I wanted to text him.

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