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I had enough time to think about the kiss and I used it which was dumb because it only lasted for about two seconds and here I am thinking 3 days about it.
Anyway. I decided to not talk to him about it. It was just a moment of excitement and joy and he probably didn't even remember what happened plus he has a girlfriend. There were enough reasons to blame me for something but I won't be the reason for a fight between Lando and Claire. I didn't sign up for this.
What I also didn't sign up for but what I have to go trough anyway against my will were the dreams I had since Sunday. I won't go into detail but Lando was definitely the main character in every single one.
I sighed heavily trying to get those pictures out of my head. June was still asleep in the backseat of the car so that gave me some time to prepare myself mentally for the meeting with Lando and his family. They knew that I was already there but I texted him that I don't want to wake June because if I did she would be in a bad mood and that's not what I pictured the meeting with her grand parents for the first time like.
While I looked in the mirror to check my makeup for the 100th time, I heard Junes grumbles and whines so I turned around to her.
"Hey baby. Did you have a good nap?" I cooed and thankfully she beamed at me right after.
"Oh you better be in a very good mood today because you're meeting your grandparents for the first time. Maybe your aunts and uncle and cousin too I'm not sure." I explained even though she probably didn't understand a thing.
With a quick text I let Lando know that we were ready and checked my, as well as Junes outfit.
"Oh we forgot your bow." I rushed as I got it out of my bag to put it on Junes head. It won't last long anyway but she should look as cute as possible to make a good first impression.
I took her out of her seat and went to the front door.
"Are you ready? I'm not, not at all. I want to turn around. Let's just leave." I mumbled, panic in my voice. I really wanted to leave and was about to turn around but in that moment Lando opened the door.
"There you are. Ooh look at my sweet girl. How cute are you?" He smiled widely, then looked at me properly. "You wanted to get out of it right?" Lando asked with a raised eyebrow but his suspicion quickly turned into an amused grin.
"Don't worry Em. They were shocked at first but I promise they're the nicest and want to get to know the both of you." Lando calmed me down. I nodded, reassured by his words. I took a deep breath. "Let's do this." I said while I closed my eyes for a second, then put on a smile.
Lando nodded in agreement then lead the way inside to his parents. As I looked around I fell in love with the house and the whole family already. It was big obviously but so cozy and sweet furnished, the walls were full of photos and trophies of all the children. Then the moment came. We arrived in the living room. Lando's parents stood up as they saw us and smiled at me. They looked so nice and when they looked at June I could tell they adored her so much already.
"Hello dear." His mum said.
"Hello. It's so nice to meet you Mrs. And Mr. Norris." I stammered and held out my hand to greet them but Mrs. Norris gave me a big warming hug.
"Oh you can call us Cisca and Adam, no need to be so firmly you're basically family now." She smiled. "And you must be June then." Cisca said, bending down to get a better look at June.
Adam also hugged me and patted my shoulder just like my dad always does.
Both his parents were such nice people, very welcoming and kind. We talked a little bit to get to know each other while June sat on my lap, messing around with my hair in the one hand and a snack in the other.
Cisca then held her hands out for June "you know what? I have a little surprise for you. Do you want to go and see what it is?" She asked her. June didn't seem to know how to react. She understood what Cisca said for sure but her first reaction was being shy and then she looked at me to make sure. A collective "aww" went through the room and everyone adored her so much. I smiled at June "do you want to see what grandma got for you?" I asked while brushing a strand of hair from her face. June babbled something but then decided that she trusted Cisca so she leaned towards her. They left the room for a moment and Adam joined them as well. A few moments later I could hear Junes excited shrieks so I smiled which was followed by a relieved sigh.
Lando moved near me to lay his hand on my thigh "I told you they are nice. Everything is going smoothly. They love June already and they seem to like you too." He stated and he was right. It went really well. Lando and I smiled at each other for a little while when suddenly Ciscas voice ripped me out of my trance. "You two are really cute together. Such a lovely couple right Adam?" She said.
I didn't expect that at all and I thought Lando told them about our relationship. My cheeks instantly heated up and there was nothing I could do about it.
Adam agreed to Cisca which didn't do any help to the current situation.
"Oh no mum we're not together. I told you that. She's with Noah and I'm with Claire." Lando explained embarrassed and moved over a bit too.
Ciscas eyes widened in shock and she started scolding Lando immediately. "Lando Norris you did not tell us about that. Who even is Claire?"
Lando suddenly was tiny next to me, a little 'whoops' came from him as an apology.
"Well I'm so sorry dear I didn't mean to embarrass you in any way I just thought in this given situation you two found each other and you also looked very close. Plus little Landhino didn't say a thing about Claire." She shot a glance at Lando. "Oh don't worry Cisca. It's fine." I assured her but her face somehow said something different. She looked like she knew something that we didn't but then continued scolding Lando like he was a child.
The situation somehow amused me and I swear I really tried to hide my laughter but I couldn't. "Bahahaha I'm so sorry but look at how small he suddenly became." I joked about him. We ended up laughing together at Lando, well obviously without him and the whole situation turned into a Lando exposing scene. Cisca told me all the stories about little Lando and even showed me some photo albums.
Lando, On the other hand, sulked and played with June and her new remote control McLaren car which seemingly became her new favorite thing because she sat in that thing and totally cracked up everytime Lando made her hit himself  with the car.

"...And here he bathed in a sink once because he wanted it so much. The kitchen was completely flooded after and he was crying because he didn't fit in the sink completely with his head under water so that's the after picture. No water left." Cisca told me about two photos when Lando was about 4 years old.
I laughed about the story because I could still picture Lando with a similar behavior.
"Oh I just remembered that Flo baked a cake yesterday. She and Cisca aren't here today sadly but you can meet them next time. I'm sure you'll get along really well. Do you want some cake?" Cisca offered. I agreed to cake without any hesitation and with a blink of an eye I had a plate with cake standing in front of me which I enjoyed while Cisca continued telling me stories about Lando.
The day went by faster than expected and I only noticed that we stayed longer than Junes bedtime when she started to get all grumpy and even cried a lot. Cisca and Adam totally understood why we had to leave so I packed everything until we said our goodbyes.
"Feel free to visit whenever you want to, dear. Even when Lan isn't around you're always welcome." Adam said when we stood at the front door and about to leave.
"Thank you so much. I appreciate it." I said and I meant it, even got a little emotional.
Lando decided to drive me back home in my own car so I just took that offer. When I hit the seat I sighed heavily, just like earlier today but this time it was a happy sigh.
"Lan, I need a debrief." I said as soon as we left the driveway and June passed out out of tiredness.

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