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4 o'clock. Yeah we won't be punctual today.
I picked up June from her playing mat where she just tried to put a square into a circle shape very concentrated. "You're doing a good job baby girl but we need to get ready really fast today. For the second time actually but are you excited to see uncle Oscar and auntie Lily?"
She did seem excited about it because she let out a little shriek and fidgeted in my arms.
"Oh you are? That's good because they are dying to see you. How could you not is the question here right?" I imagine she responded with her babbling sometimes so we just kept the conversation up while I buckled her up in the car. "You're so right, totally agree with that" "bwww aaam" "mhm yeah. Right?" I laughed. How would this look to strangers? Probably like I'm a psycho but whatever.
June kept on 'talking' during the whole car ride while I just hoped that she won't fall asleep so I entertained her a bit by singing 'the wheels on the bus'. The song is awful but she liked it too much for me to not sing it.

It didn't took too long to arrive and since the restaurant wasn't far from the car I just carried June. A mistake as it turned out. My fresh made curls that took me two hours were probably gone since the little hand of June grabbed and pulled on them. "Ouch don't do that June. You're hurting mommy you know. And it took me so long to do the curls." I whimpered and she just laughed at me. "I feel like those are your father's genes."

Lily and Oscar already sat at the table talking about something. The two of them looked so cute together and I felt a liiiitle bit like a third wheel for a second but as soon they saw us their faces lit up. "Hey June bear." Lily said with a big smile and June immediately leaned towards her with outstretched arms to show that she wants to be held by Lily.
"And just like that she forgot about her mum."
I whined jokingly.
"Heads up, my girlfriend forgot about me because of her, too." Oscar said, shrugging.
"Yeah I don't know if that's comparable."
We both laughed about it but shortly after Oscar betrayed me so both of them were completely focused on June.
I'm glad she has people around that she loves and probably feel like family for her since she doesn't have a father role in her life though so I let them enjoy their time together.

"So guys. We need to order. What do you want?" My indecisive self couldn't decide on what to eat.
"I don't know just choose something for us but make sure it's without meat. Fish is okay tho." Lily said, acting like I didn't known her for years. Of course I knew she was prescetarian.
"Guys come on I can't even decide for myself."
Aaaand they didn't listen. I was thinking of taking my baby from them like a toy from kids but in the end I just ordered something for them. If they don't like it, it's not my problem.

June started to get a little grumpy after some time so I made Oscar walk around the restaurant with her and show her the fish in the tank.
"So Lando knows?" Lily asked.
"I'm trying to not think about it but I can't. I can't even be really mad at him. Of course he doesn't want to be a dad for her because he doesn't know her and I can imagine he was just really overwhelmed. It's my fault in the end for not telling him." I sighed. The topic just kept on.
"Do you think he can sue you or something?"
That's something I didn't even thought about.
"I don't know. Maybe. But why should he? He needs to pay child support then but since he doesn't want the child and I cared for her alone they won't take her away from me." Shrugging I searched for Oscar and June. She still seemed grumpy.
"I'll feed her, maybe her mood gets better then."
"Did you make her some crazy baby food again?"
Lily asked excitedly.
"It's just normal food Lily. Less sugar and salt only." I said while I prepared her food and waved at Oscar so he'd bring her back.
"Oh you brought her food? I think she might be hangry" he laughed at turned June around in his arms so he could look at her.
"You're hangry aren't you?" She smiled shyly and hid in the crook of his neck.
Lily instantly pulled out her phone to make a photo.
"Awww look. She loves you." Lily smiled at the picture in awe.
"She really does. Every time I mention you guys she gets excited." I said and Lily held her hand to her heart, touched.
"Nah that's so cute."
I nodded and took June from Oscar to feed her. She got smashed potatoes with baby carrots and chicken breast again, which she really liked and kindly smeared all over herself and me aswell because I, mother of the day, forgot to bring her bib.

"Now that I know, I can see Lando so much more in her. She really resembles him a lot."
Oscar studied Junes face, which was covered in smashed potatoes.
"I know right? It's like looking at him and the more she grows, the more she looks like him."
"That sounds horrible to be honest. Not horrible like horrible but if I imagine waking up to Landos face puking or something. Wah." A shudder went through his body.
"I know what you mean don't worry. It's not that bad though. I think more of her as my daughter than of Lando." I laughed and he joined in.

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