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A few days went by without any more leaks or stuff like that but that one photo was already enough for me. I spent 2 days at my parent's house with June and they managed to calm me down from my breakdown a little bit. I haven't talked to Lando yet and that's why I was excited to meet up with him.
I invited him to my apartment so we could talk first with nobody around.
June crawled around with her cute little bow on the head. She was so cute I had to pick her up and cuddle her.
"June bear you know who's visiting us today? Daddy. Are you excited? I know you are." I cooed with June smiling at me when in that same moment the doorbell rang.
"Oh that must be him." I said and opened the door after checking if it really was Lando.
"Heyyy June. Look at you cute little girl. Come here." He smiled and took June from me.
"Hey Em. I'm so sorry I haven't texted you. Are you okay?" He immediately asked after I closed the door. I smiled a little because he was so caring again.
"Yeah I guess we're okay. I mean I freaked out. A lot. Not in particular because of the photo but because of the things they write about her. People are just awful." I sighed and tried to play it off with a shrug.
"You have every right to be angry you know. What they do is not okay and as her mother it's totally reasonable to feel that way."
He softly said and I was not far from melting on the spot because of him.
"You're right. Anyway. Do you want something to drink? You can already sit down if you want"
I asked while I walked into the open kitchen.
"Uh. Do you have Coke Zero?" He asked and sat down with June, greeting her properly and playing around.
"Sure." I answered and brought his coke and water for June and myself.
"Okay I know people are writing shit about you and June and me and all of us at the moment but please do me a favor and don't read those things okay? Just ignore them." He insisted and I just nodded.
"Easier to say than to do but I'll try my best. Do you think we should do a statement or something like 'please respect our privacy'? To delete the photo will be impossible since hundreds of people probably screenshotted it." I asked unsure about everything.
"Well that's the big question. Normally when someone talks shit or leaks a photo of me that shouldn't be I just ignore it until they forget about it but this is about June. That's different."
He said and I agreed.
"Yes it is but let's wait until it's over and if something like that happens again I'll do a statement. Hopefully that's not necessary. Oh and don't say the s word. She listens very carefully lately." I pointed at June and his eyes widened.
"Oh god sorry. I'm so sorry." He panicked and I laughed. "It's fine. At least that's what I'm hoping." He took my hand and smiled at me softly.
"Everything will be fine. This whole thing going on doesn't mean you're a bad mom because you're not. Look at June she's healthy and happy." He assured me and I smiled back. We looked into each other's eyes until he mentioned June so we both looked at her. To our surprise, she stood next to the coffee table, holding onto it with her tiny hands. We both looked at each other with shock and then at June again.
"Am I seeing things?" I whispered.
"If that's the case then I'm seeing things too." He whispered back.
"Okay okay let's not freak out or else she will be overwhelmed." I calmly said and moved to the ground.
"You're doing great June. You can be proud of yourself." I smiled and Lando joined in, clapping.
"Well done June bear." He cooed and quickly took a picture.
He looked at his phone and few more minutes and suddenly his smile faded.
"Em. What is this? Where's this photo from?" He gulped. The tone in his voice made me look up to him.
"Which photo? What's wrong?" I asked. Lando didn't answer. Instead he showed me his phone.
"No this can't be. Where is this from?" I shock my head in disbelief and Lando shrugged clueless.
"That's what I asked you a moment ago. I found it on Twitter. They even tagged me on it."
I took his phone and looked at the picture closely.
I was in the picture with June on my lap. This time it wasn't blurry, no, we were caught in 4K.
"It's-..no this can't be. She promised me that- it's all over Twitter isn't it? Oh god." I stammered. I felt like I couldn't breathe.
"Hey hey hey Em it's okay, don't panic. Look at me." He took my head and forced me to look at him.
"Take a deep breath with me. We do it together okay? Breath in. Hold it for a few seconds. Now breathe out. And again." He calmly lead me through it, breathing with me or rather showing me how. I calmed down a little bit.
"Thank you" I whispered.
"Everything is okay Em. Now tell me what happened."
I nodded. "This was on Saturday. I was invited as a guest for a podcast about formula one and stuff. June was asleep but she woke up so she sat on my lap most of the time. It wasn't just anyone. I know Vic for a long time and I asked her multiple times for privacy and no photos of June and stuff and she said that if June is on any photo or video they'll cut her out and send me the material before they post it anywhere." I blubbered but he just took my hand.
"Okay now we might need the statement. What about you call Victoria first?" He suggested and I nodded. He thought more logically than I did in the moment so I just took my phone and dialed Vic's number. After what felt like a thousand rings, she answered.
"Emily! So nice to hear from you. How are you?"
She excitedly asked. She probably hasn't seen the photo yet but her happy voice made me mad.
"Horrible. A photo of me and June from the recordings last Saturday has been leaked." I stated. I could hear her breathe out before she answered. "I'm so sorry Emily. I don't know who or how but I'll do everything to find out okay? I'll call you back as soon as I know who posted that photo." She promised and just hung up on me.
I sighed heavily and threw my phone on the sofa. Lando just smiled assuringly and offered a hug that I couldn't resist. June babbled and came crawling between the both of us, so the three of us ended up cuddling on the ground, Lando gently stroking my back, even though one of my biggest nightmares came true but I sat there in Lando's arms with our daughter and thought 'I want to stay like this forever'

A/n: I'm so sorry about the long wait, but here it is ;)

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