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Lando really tried to teach me how to play golf  but to put it nicely: it wasn't really my sport.
I still enjoyed the time with Lando on the court. It was noticeable in his mood and aura that he loved being here, doing what he likes. He smiled a lot, made even more jokes than usual and messed around with June.
Overall we had a really good time even though I had a hard time to actually hit the ball.
Back at the hotel, I gave my key card to Lando because June fell asleep on his shoulder so he could put her down while I got the bags out of the car. With all the bags in my hand I walked through the lobby when someone called my name. I spun around to see who it was only to see Noah. This time I noticed that he actually was really attractive with his tanned skin, green eyes and blonde hair that gave me surfer boy vibes.
Completely different from Lando. Not that it mattered anyway.
I smiled at Noah as he came closer.
"What about all these bags? Looks like you are struggling." He chuckled and inspected everything I carried before. I noticed that he had less of an Aussie accent and I assumed he probably tried very hard to suppress it so I could understand him better, which was really nice of him because I couldn't understand him at all earlier today.
"Oh these aren't all mine. Most of them are Landos but he has gone ahead to put June to sleep. And yes I am struggling because there are more than I expected to be but I got this..somehow." I said. Now looking at the amount of bags I doubted that it was possible but whatever.
"Who is June?" He asked. I was confused for a  second because he asked that. 'How is he supposed to know that when we just met a few hours ago and talked for a minute max.?' I thought and suddenly felt stupid.
"Oh I'm sorry. June is my daughter. Remember the little girl earlier today I carried around? That's June."  I explained. He looked like it made 'click' in his brain which had me giggling. "Ooooh that's June. That makes sense. And Lando as in Lando Norris? The formula 1 driver? Are you with him?" He excitedly asked. I laughed over his reaction. His excitement was kinda cute to be honest.
"Yes, Lando as in Lando Norris but we're not together. Just friends." I answered.
"That's so cool. Anyway. I asked a lot of questions, I'm sorry. What I wanted to ask in the first place is if you need help. I could help you carry the bags to your room?" He suggested kindly. I was suprised and nodded, a smile forming on my face.
"That would be awesome. Only if it's okay tho." I thanked him and he just made a hand movement like it was nothing.
"I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to do it." He said, which made sense but I was a people pleaser so I had to be sure it was okay for him. Noah ended up carrying the majority of bags with me only carrying 3.
"You and Oscar know each other since karting days right?" I asked because I was curious if he was still a racing driver.
"Yep. I think we were 8 or 9." He answered, stepping inside the elevator. I pushed the button for my floor and leaned on the wall.
"And are you still racing?"
"I am. I drive in the GT series." He proudly said. My knowledge of Motorsports is lacking a lot but I heard of GT before. Not only because I watched the movie to my Defence.
"Oh wow I heard of that. That's really cool."
We arrived at my floor but I didn't go into my room immediately.
"Really? You could come and see me drive some time if you want to." He suggested. I nodded in agreement. I really started to get into racing and all this stuff so to see something different than f1 would be great.
"I'd love to!" I beamed.
"I really could need a lucky charm." He joked which made me giggle.
"Then I'm bringing June. She worked as a lucky charm before."
We both laughed and talked for another minute or two before I left to check on June and Lando.
Lando sat on the sofa, June still sleeping on his shoulder. I looked at him in confusion and he just shrugged, totally over-challenged with his task.
"Sorry, I chatted with someone in the lobby and he helped me to carry your bags. What's wrong?"
I asked with a glance on June.
"I didn't know if i was supposed to just lay her down. I was scared she'd roll off or something. And I didn't want to go through your things to search for a pajama ." He whispered.
I shook my head, giggling over him. His despair was kinda cute.
"It's warm enough, she doesn't need a pajama. You're right about the bed tho. I usually put her down in the middle and secure her with blankets. She will wake up in the night anyway because it's totally not like she usually goes to bed."
I explained with an amused smile on my face.
He sighed in response and stood up again to put June down in the bedroom. He came back, closing the door carefully and took a deep breath.
"I'm all sweaty on my shoulder, why is she so warm?" Lando complained, his hands waving around to fan himself and probably because his arms went numb.
"It's the worsts. Especially when she's clinging on to me the whole day in summer. I'm like completely wet afterwards." I laughed.
"Who did you meet in the lobby?" He suddenly asked.
"Oh a friend of Oscar. His name is Noah. Oscar introduced us before we went golfing when they ran into each other." I explained to him and he nodded in response.
"Well it was nice to play golf with you today. I mean it wasn't a good golfing experience but it was fun." He joked and laughed about his own joke afterwards. I couldn't help myself and joined in.
"See you tomorrow?" He asked before he opened the door. I nodded. "See you tomorrow."
Lando left with his bags so I closed the door.
Now that I was alone I decided to check my phone. A few silly messages from Hannah and V and four from Oscar. That was a bit unusual. Oscar normally needs a few days to answer and doesn't type in multiple messages like he did this time.



Noah asked if I can give him
you number.

Said he forgot to ask you.

Is it fine with you if I give him your

A/n: short disclaimer! Noah doesn't exist, I totally made him up!
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. You're great! 🫶

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