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I stepped out of the airport. It was a lot warmer here in Australia since it was summer and it felt so good. I still had a lot of time so we just went to the hotel and changed first. Unfortunately June fell asleep after she ate some snacks so I had to wait for her to wake up before we could explore the city a little.

scrolling through my phone out of boredom, I stalked some insta profiles. V sent me Landos' profile a few days ago and of course I've seen it already since we worked together now but I've never really looked at his photos so that's what I did. With every picture I saw, the resemblance with June got clearer. Yes, he was a good looking man but why does our daughter, the daughter I carried inside my body for nine months and cared for alone six and a half months doesn't look a bit like me. The smile, the eyes, the curls, so much resemblance.

I sighed and put my phone away. I couldn't blame him but it would make things a lot easier if she didn't look that much like him.
The fact that they are going to meet this weekend stressed me out a lot the past week, even though it shouldn't. He won't notice right? Why would he count one and one together now. He probably won't believe cause he's sure I would've told him at this point but I didn't.

After a while, I heard June babbling in the bedroom so I went to get her. She sat on the bed, focused on her hands. When she noticed me she smiled at me brightly.
"Look at you sitting all alone now. Look at you becoming a big girl June."
I picked her up and covered her in kisses which caused her to laugh the cutest laugh.
"You're in a good mood now after your nap huh. Huh?"
When I tickled her she laughed again.
"Gosh you're so cute. Let's get going. We want to see Melbourne today. You can start preparing to wave at everyone you see today."
She only started waving a few days ago and she absolutely loved it so she just waved at everyone. Even herself in a reflection or in the mirror.

The both of us took a long walk through Melbourne. June sat in the stroller most of the time and pointed at birds or dogs in the park. We stopped at a playground where she ate more sand than she played with. Yes I tried to stop her every single time but those hands are faster than you think they are, trust me.
After 3 hours of walking around and eating snacks, June fell asleep again so I headed back to the Hotel.

In front of the hotel, there was a big crowd forming. It looked like a bunch of fans and some paparazzi, too, so I immediately closed up the stroller. I knew they weren't here for me but I rather not risk anything here. It took me a few tries before I got through the crowd and passed the security. I even had to prove that I'm staying in that hotel.

"You're already in Melbourne?"
A familiar voice. I turned around, looking at Lando Norris.
"Oh hey. Yeah I arrived early so we could explore the city a little bit together and stuff. You always need more time when you travel with a baby."
I pointed at the closed stroller.
"Right you said you'd bring June. Is she sleeping right now?"
He asked, not wanting to ask if he could have a look. I saw in his eyes.
"She fell asleep on our walk but I covered the stroller because of the paparazzi."
"I remember you don't show her and stuff. Anyway. Are you coming to media day tomorrow?"
He said with a little bit of hope in his voice.
"We are supposed to shoot a video and some TikTok stuff again right? Yeah we'll be there."
He smiled at me, and seemed to leave.
"Alright. Cool. See you tomorrow then."
He said walking away. I just waved at him and made my way to the elevator.

June and I played for the rest of the day before she ate her dinner, which she spread everywhere kindly. She nearly fell asleep while she ate so I put her to sleep right after.

I finished the day with room service snacks and a movie that I didn't pay attention to, before going to bed, too.

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