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I was stressed. Like really stressed. We had to leave in about 20 minutes and I was far from ready to leave and so was June. We cuddled a little bit too long in bed this morning so I lost track of time and here we are. We often don't really have time to cuddle like this and she's in a phase where she wants body contact all the time so I don't complain obviously because what could be better than cuddling with your baby? Right. Nothing.
We were both not dressed, my hair looked like a total mess and I still had to pack everything.
"Okay I need to relax." I said to myself, taking a deep breath.
I was about to dress June so she could play while I got ready when someone knocked on the door.
Great. What a timing.
When I opened the door, Lando smiled at me but his smile faded immediately when he saw the both of us in pajamas. Did I really look that bad?
"Good morning? Uhm. Well I thought we could leave together but I assume you're not ready yet."
He said and the thought of a hole forming right in front of me so I can jump in it sounded really good all of a sudden.
"This is embarrassing. Really embarrassing. We're kind of late, yes, so just leave without us- no wait actually you can use this to bond with your daughter." I smiled and pulled him inside the hotel room.
"Wait a- what uh" he stumbled after me.
"If I'm late it's your fault. No actually I can't be late." He mumbled
"Yeah that's why we're doing this together now so we both won't be late. Can you change her? I already changed her nappy and the outfit is somewhere over there uh- ah found it" I bubbled and handed him the clothes. He took June from me and went to the Couch.
"Thank you so much. I owe you something." I said while I ran into the bedroom to change.
Lando talking to June might be my new favorite thing from today on. The door was still ajar so I could hear every word they're saying. While June spoke in her own language and babbled with him, he answered just like I did. He was still insecure with her and that was kinda cute.
"Okay wow that's a small piece of clothing. How do I do this? Like this?" He asked and June replied with some whining. "Let's try again. Oh my god you're so cute. Look at you. So cute." I could hear her laughing so I assume he tickled her.
"Look at that. We did it. Next piece. Is it just going over your head? Seems too small if you ask me." I was about to tell him that the dress had buttons but June complained already and he figured it out himself right after.
"Sorry sorry sorry. Did I hurt you? Socks next then. No wait. Don't put that in your mouth. No June they go over your feet. Gimme that you little thief. Oh no don't cry I didn't mean to take them from you. Well I did but uh-" the overload in his voice grew with every second that passed.
With an amused smiled I left the bedroom to help him. When I saw June I had to hold back my laughter. She pouted. She couldn't be for real.
"She's a little grumpy because she's teething. She basically has toothache so she puts everything in her mouth. Here." I handed him a biting toy "give that to her." He did as I said but June continued to pout.
"Why are you smiling like that Em? Am I doing something wrong? Why won't she take the toy?"
He said worried. That got me. I bursted out laughing.
"What? What is it? Are you laughing at me?" He panicked but I couldn't answer so I just shook my head.
He continued asking me a thousand times what the matter was and when I calmed down I was able to tell him. "She's kidding with you. Look at her pout. Bahahahaha I can't. She doesn't pout like this when she's mad, she just wants you to do something. That's so ridiculous, only 8 months old and already sassy like that. Those are totally your genes if you ask me." I pointed accusingly at him to which he responded with raised hands.
"Whoa whoa whoa what do you mean my genes. I'm not sassy. Not at all. Plus she can't have that behavior because of me because I haven't been in her life to influence her with my non sass behavior." He justified himself but I couldn't take him serious. "Stop laughing I'm being serious Emily." Him using my full name made me laugh even more and he couldn't help himself but joined in.
"Yeah right. You're not sassy. You should tell that to all your fan girlies and fan boys." I laughed at him.
"Why? They don't think I'm sassy either." He proudly stated. My jaw almost dropped.
"On what side of social media are you? The site where everyone just says you are hot?"
I asked and he immediately raised an eyebrow with a cheeky grin on his face. "You think I'm hot?" I turned around to get my make up, totally done with him. "I've never said that. Anyway what I wanted to say: there are literally 'Lando Norris being Sassy for 2 minutes straight' compilations or 'Lando Norris being a Scorpio for 3 minutes' because 90% of your interviews you do are sassy." I said while I put on my make up as fast as I could. Lando finished June off with a bow and gave her a snack. "Come on I'm not sassy. Give me one example." He thought he had me there but I had loads and loads of examples. "Okay uhm. The whole red flag green flag interview with Oscar was super duper sassy. The way you said that you're a Scorpio and then the interviewer asking you to tell him about it and you said 'no not you'. Or the p9 interview. When she said P9 and you said yeah great race but it was sarcastic. I could give you a lot more examples if you need me to." I said while making my eye make up so I couldn't look at him. When he didn't responded for one or two minutes I looked up and saw Lando staring at me. "You do watch a lot of my interviews huh?" He totally exposed me there and I could already feel the heat in my cheeks.
"Well uh- I do watch a lot of Oscar's interviews and you happen to be there quite often, too. I do have to admit that you're all over my tiktok for you page tho." I mumbled shyly. Lando's grin grew bigger "look at you flushing because of me. You do think I'm hot, don't deny it." I rolled my eyes. "Don't take your mouth too full Mr. Norris." I shouldered Junes bag and got my own ready. "We can leave now. Thanks for your help again."
He picked up June "look June your mummy is finally ready." He cooed. "That's the sass I was talking about." I exclaimed. Lando shook his head "June tell your mummy I'm not sassy." He said but June had other plans and shook her head. I laughed at Lando "see. June your daddy is really sassy right?" I asked her and she nodded yes with some babbling as well.
"Oh no the betrayal. I can't believe this." We left the hotel room and he theatrically held his hand to his heart. "Drama queen." I chuckled.
"I'm not a drama queen." He exclaimed outraged.
"Yes you are"
I laughed and got in the elevator. We discussed this a little while until we asked his trainer and he agreed with me.
"Told you" I stuck out my tongue to him.

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