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Lando started talking after we agreed on the double date because I wasn't able to say more than one worded sentences. Honestly, I didn't even listen to what he was saying. Something about many interviews and appointments since his first win and how sweet everyone at the MTC reacted when he went there yesterday.

"Are you even listening? You look like you're daydreaming." He asked a bit worried and looked at me intensely, then lifted my chin gently but as much as I liked him doing that I couldn't do this anymore so I moved away a little bit so he couldn't touch me anymore.
"Are you sure you're okay?"
"I'm totally fine. Nothings wrong. Are you thirsty? I bought capri sun if you want one but I think I've got coke too." I asked as if nothing had happened, standing up to go to the kitchen.

That's how it went the rest of the evening. I basically avoided him as much as possible but tried to not make it awkward at the same time and he noticed the space I tried to make between us but didn't say anything.
Luckily V came out of the bathroom with June wrapped in a towel but she herself was completely soaked.

When she saw me and Lando sat together on the  couch she basically ran into my bedroom.
"What the?"
"Okay? She didn't sound shy on the phone earlier." Lando joked and we both laughed.
"About that. What did she tell you earlier? She didn't say something embarrassing right?"I asked because V refused to tell me. Lando shook his head "nah nothing, don't worry." He said but with a Suspicious grin on his face,

When V finally came back, June immediately leaned over to Lando, making her baby noise excitedly.
"There you are fresh out of the bathtub June bear." He said as he held her and spun around.
The laugh that came from June shortly after melted my heart.

"Sorry for the running away but I didn't want to meet my brother in law completely soaked."
"What?" She giggled but didn't think it was funny.
"You know we're not together." I scolded, hitting her shoulder.
"Calm down it was just a joke. Anyway. I'm Vivian." She introduced herself to Lando.

Lando watched our conversation with a chuckle, then just hugged V out of nowhere.
"Nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you."
"Oh you did?" She shot a glance at me so it was my time to joke about her now.
"Of course I've only told him the annoying bits of you. So basically everything." I shrugged, trying to hold back my laughter.
"Why are we acting like we're 12 today? Unbelievable, really."

V and Lando got along REALLY well since they figured out they both loved to make jokes about me so they literally used every chance.
At some point they competed to find out who experienced the more embarrassing things with me but it was clear from the beginning that V would win.

I used that moment to prepare Junes dinner. She got the same food as me just in baby form.
When Lando came into the kitchen, I figured that he lost against V and is now pissed. F1 drivers can't loose that's for sure.

"Do you need any help? I'm great at cooking." He said proud but for some reason I couldn't believe him.
"Uh..can you look for the things on the stove? The potato mash needs to be turned down when it starts boiling and then you'll have to stir it very good so it won't burn. Oh and could you stir the veggies every now and then?"
"Got it." He said confidently but his body language and face said something different than what his voice said.

I watched Lando as much as I could because I was scared that he would burn something.
I got the garlic bread out of the oven when Lando started to panic.
"Em. I don't know what happened I swear I stirred very good."
"What? Oh no. You burnt it?" I asked but when I turned around I saw it.
Smoke came out of the potato mash and it was still boiling so it splashed everywhere.
"Lando! Take it from the stove! Oh my god. You turned down the heat for the sauce and not for the potato mash."
"I'll never let you in my kitchen again.so much about 'I'm great at cooking' yeah no. Don't tell that anyone ever again for your own sake." I complained.
"I'm so sorry." He silently said and left the kitchen. A few seconds later I could hear V laughing at him and had to chuckle a little bit too.

I managed to save some of Lando's ruined potato mash so I called V to set the table.
"Why don't you ask me to do it? I offered my help." Lando asked offended.
"I told you I won't let you in my kitchen again. What if you drop all the plates? Or the food?"
I argued.
"Hey I've got really good reflexes you know." And he had a point there but I honestly didn't care so I let him sulk on his own. Good reflexes or not, my kitchen is a taboo now for him.

We sat down to eat dinner together and had a really good time. I've got to experience how Lando tried to feed June but since she doesn't want to be fed she complained non stop so Lando sat there overwhelmed and frustrated, looking at me like a lost puppy. He figured it would be better to just give her the little spoon and let her spread the food everywhere instead of arguing with her.

When we finished I asked V to clean June once again so I could accompany Lando to the door.
"Bye bro in law, it was nice meeting you." V called after us before I was able to close the door behind me.
"Well sorry about that. I guess we'll see each other on our...double date then?"
"Yes! I'm so excited about that. I'll ask Claire when she's got time and text you if you two have time as well." For some reason Lando was way too excited about this whole double date thing.
"Great." I couldn't even look at him.
"Okay then see you."
"Yeah." I mumbled while he was on the way to his car.

Suddenly everything clicked for me and it felt like someone ripped me out of my thoughts. What was I doing? Without thinking I started running after Lando. On socks because I forgot to put on shoes.
"Lan!" I shouted before he could close the car door.
He searched for the voice that called him and when he saw me he got back out of the car, smiling confused.

"What is it? Did I forget something?"
"No but- ugh fine. I can't do this anymore."
I stopped right in front of his car, trying to catch my breath.
"You can't do what anymore?" Lando was obviously confused. He furrowed his brows waiting for me to continue to talk.
"Noah is an asshole!" I shouted but I didn't care who could hear me, I wanted to make sure that he understood what I said. The second the words left my mouth I felt SO relieved. A big relieved sigh left my body and I opened my eyes again , that I haven't even noticed I closed, to look at him.

"What? I thought you were with him?"
"Absolutely not. We haven't met once after day one because he was mad I canceled our date and then saw the pictures of us on the beach so he got all jealous and even more mad. I ghosted him after that. We haven't spoken since the Grand Prix." I explained.
"Oh." Oh? That was the only reaction I got?
"Well maybe I should say something too then." He added, "The thing with me and Claire...well we are really good friends but we're not together. The PR team figured we looked good together so we started fake dating a little bit." He explained now.

After he finished talking I couldn't respond because I didn't expect that plot twist at all.
"What? Why didn't you tell me earlier?"
"Why didn't YOU tell me earlier?" He asked back, crossing his arms.
I didn't really had a reason for that so I couldn't give him an answer. The situation was so surreal again that I couldn't take it any serious and bursted out in laughter. Lando seemed to feel the same way because he joined in shortly after.

We didn't talked about it much more. It was probably a shock for the both of us so we had to process things first.
He left and I went back into my apartment just to be greeted by a message of Lando.


When do you have time for
our "double date"? 😉

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