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waiting wasn't something jay was fond of.

they arrived at the airport a frw minutes earklly only for jungwon to re read the article that said 4 not 2.

"and you're supposed to be the responsible one of us" niki rolled his eyes. his head on sunoo's lap while he played subway surfers on his phone.

"i am! i just-" jungwon paused chewing on his button lip.

i swore it said 2, he thought.

"hey, it's fine we can wait" jay put his arm around jungwon to comfort him.

"says the one who threw a fit when jungwon told him" jake playfully rolled his eyes.

"well then let's split up and meet back here in an hour?" gen suggested and everyone agreed.

"babe, let's go get ramyeon" jake tugged at his boyfriend's excessive clothing.

" 'm hungry too" sunoo pouted. niki got up and offered to buy them something to eat.

"but i wanna come too"

"nope, you sit still and look adorable as ever" niki pinched sunoo's face and went off with hee and jake.

"uh sun i'm gonna go eat with jay and jungwon, you good by yourself?"

sunoo nodded and continued playing games on niki's phone.

as everyone left sunoo was too focussed on beating his boyfriend's high score he didn't notice someone sit next to him.

"this dumb jake bi- hoon?" sunoo squeaked seeing the boy next to him.

"hi sun" sunghoon exchanged greetings accomapanied by a tight lipped smile.

"going somewhere?"


"um you're at the airport so i assume you're flying out? or waiting for someone?"

"ohh haha well" sunoo was stuck. would it be so embarassing to admit the real reason?

"actually we came here to see you" he smiled nervously.

sunghoon's sh[cked face quickly faded "me? why?"

"to say goodbye duh" sunoo rolled his eyes at the obvious question.

"i know i know. i meant why me? i never thought any of you would visit again"

sunghoon was right, sunoo wouldn't have thought about saying goodbye if jungwon hadn't suggested it.

"it was actually jungwonie's idea" sunoo noticed how sunghoon's shoulders dropped after he said that.

"are they here?" sunghoon looked around nervously but saw no one.

"uh they all went to eat" sunoo smiled seeing a worried look on his face.

"who went to eat?"

it was the heeyunki trio. none of them caught sight of sunghoon only after sunoo turned around did he become more visible.

"sunghoon?" jake exclaimed and immediately went to him.

heeseung scoffed abd niki gave sunoo his food.

"weren't you supposed to be here at 4?" jake questioned unknowingly grasping sunghoon's arm that only heeseung seemed to be very aware of.

"i came early to avoid unwanted attention"

"oh yes you're a growing star" jake squealed excitedly.

"ofcourse, who could resist a prince on ice?" sunghoon joked but heeseung scoffed again.

"some prince"

"hee!" jake shot him a warning glare but that didn't seem to work. heeseung made his way over to sunghoon.

"so you got punched twice and decided to disappear?" heeseung quirked a brow looking down at the boy who was avoiding eye contact.


"huh? park sunghoon? you think it's a joke to confess to my boyfriend and leave without apologizing?"

"heeseung stop" sunoo butted in seeing heeseung's words getting a bit out of hand.

"fucking asshole" heeseung spat at his feet. the moment he did he felt a sting on his face.

without time to register what happened he held his face where he got hit.

when the stinging sensation died down he opened his eyes to see niki standing there with an unreadable expression.

"dude i thought you-"

"he hurt all of us but it doesn't mean we have to hurt him too" niki defended sunghoon who was shocked along with the trio that just came back.


"apologize hee" jake stood up, clearly upset.

"i don't need to-"

"heeseung, apologize" gen joined in and heeseung was confused.

"didn't you all hate him?"

"we did" jungwon corrected.

"now apologize dude" jay opted.

"fine" heeseung rolled his eyes. at this point a few gathered around to see tge commotion.

"sorry" heeseung mumbled, looking elsewhere.

"better" jake pinched his boyfriend's arm.

"jeez okay okay" heeseung looked at sunghoon who was already staring back at him "i'm sorry, hoon. we good?"

heeseung extended a hand but sunghoon took it and pulled him into a hug.

"that's fine"

"hello?? this aint the infamous park sunghoon's show yet people" gen sassed at those who were still watching.

everyone walked away whispering to themselves.

"this kind of publicity isn't good for a soon-to-be-star" gen joked.

"i don't know about a star but-"

"oh please, you're THE park sunghoon. a penguin on ice" niki joked and everyine laughed.

the tension between heeseung and sunghoon slowly died down as they continued talking.

"i'm gonna miss you" gen teared up.

"why's she crying?" niki questioned, squeezing his boyfriend's hand.

"she's just emotional" jungwon simply added.

"i'm what?" she questioned, purse raised in the air, ready to hit him.

"emotionally stable" jungwon laughed nervously.

"good" gen glared at him while everyone exchanged secret looks to each other until they burst out laughing.

betrayal should always be forgiven and people deserve second chances at life.

sunghoon and sunoo learned that the hard way.

now sunoo can happily love the boy who longed for him and sunghoon can pursue his lifelong dream.


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