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the blonde-haired boy sat near the window, scribbling into his notebook while his friend chatted away next to him.

"i don't get why you two hate each other?" jake asked in confusion, trying to get an answer out of the younger but always failed to do so every time.

"we don't"

sigh. jake has gotten that answer every time he asked. if they don't hate each other then why do they look like they want to rip each other's head off.

"well —at least i don't"

oh, that's new. the hushed whisper was clearly heard by his bestfriend. jake leaned forward, closer to the boy as he possibly could, intrigued by the new addition to his answer.

"ouu is someone in love" jake dragged the 'o' in  the word 'love' just to tease the latter but the boy only rolled his eyes, pushing his glasses further up his nose bridge.

"what are you even doing?" jake asked peering into ni-ki's notebook but he quickly closed it and clutched it to his chest.

"homework" he answered looking a bit worried and scared. jake knew something was in there but didn't want to press further.

just then someone walked into class and flashed a sweet smile at a particular dark-haired boy sitting at the very front, before making his way to his original seat, behind the blonde-haired.

jake was idle in his seat and couldn't sit still so he turned around to speak to the latter.

"sunoo-ssi" he greeted and sunoo hummed, getting his things out of his bag "did you do the physics homework?" jake asked and sunoo slapped his forehead.

"oh no. i forgot"

"don't worry, ni-ki has it" jake said just to get a kick out of the situation but sunoo's answer was always unpredicted as usual.

"you see, i would but i'd rather copy of someone else" sunoo darted his eyes to the dark-haired boy upfront and smiled at jake before getting off his seat and making his way towards the front.

when sunoo left, the blonde-haired turned to his friend and kicked him in the shin "why'd you do that? i'm not giving my work to him"

"oh come on! i bet you would skip class in a heartbeat if he asked you to" jake teased.

"and tarnish my perfect record? hell nah"

"you're boring" jake turned in his chair and sighed. his friend never loosened up for anything. not even a party and they were in their last year of high school.

the blonde-haired boy seemed unbothered and opened his notebook to scribble again but something caught his attention at the corner of his eye.

it was sunoo. he leaned over the dark-haired boy's desk supposedly asking for homework and he knew damn well they both didn't do it, it was just an excuse for sunoo to flirt with him.

he tried ignoring the little jump of pain in his heart when he saw sunoo's flirtatious gaze towards the latter and the dark-haired returned it with a smirk.

it was always like this with these two. shamelessly flirting in the halls, the lunch room, at basketball practice, even in the assembly hall—it was fucking irritating ni-ki to the point he would randomly walk out of the room when he thought it was a little too much for his heart to take.

"ugh" ni-ki glanced behind him, seeing sunoo slump into his chair and a long sigh was heard a few inches away from his ear, with a pout on his face.

adorable, ni-ki thought. even if he couldn't see the latter, he knew whatever sunoo did was always cute. 

oh boy, ni-ki did have it bad for sunoo.

"i need the homework. i failed this class one too many times"

ni-ki watched as jake's mouth curved into a wicked smiled as he shifted his body in his chair, turning to sunoo again before ni-ki could stop him "ni-ki would be thrilled to lend you this, won't you bu-"

jake was cut off when ni-ki stomped on his foot beneath the table, still pretending to scribble into his notebook.

"ni-ki?" sunoo tapped the blonde-haired shoulder. fuck—ni-ki was caught, he can't give sunoo his notebook, knowing him he'll surely explore more than just his homework.

ni-ki turned to sunoo with his notebook in hand, holding it out for sunoo, the boy's face lit up in pure relief and reached out to take from ni-ki only to have it drawn back by the owner, letting it fall onto his lap, spitefully.

"i would rather skip school than give you my homework" ni-ki lifted one of his eyebrows, mocking sunoo's inefficiency to complete his homework.

"whatever nishimura" sunoo rolled his yes and turned to jake "jakey, i'm sure you did the homework, help a friend out?" sunoo batted his eyelashes, teasingly. jake sighed, sparing a disappointed glance at ni-ki and gave his notebook to sunoo.

"yay! thank you, hyung" sunoo leaned forward and pecked jake on the cheeks. ni-ki suddenly wished he actually gave sunoo his homework. 

his thoughts were cut short when one of their classmates stood right before jake's desk

"please refrain from pda in the classroom" their class prefect, lee heeseung, approached and sunoo gave him an apologetic smile but he wasn't looking at him, he was looking at jake with a weird expression that only sunoo seemed to notice since ni-ki didn't bother to look up from his notebook.

"sorry hyung i was jus-"heeseung walked off without acknowledging sunoo's apology and the boy huffed back with a pout.

"rude ass" sunoo mumbled with an unknowing pout, going back to copying from jake's notebook, all the equations and calculations he didn't understand.

hearing the elder's sighs of frustration as he tried understanding jake's homework brought a smile to ni-ki's face. his teeth pulling between his lips to stop his stupid smile or else jake wouldn't let him breathe if he saw him.


a/n: first chapter! i'm really excited about this ff. 

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