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"how's your artwork coming along, ni-ki?" heeseung leaned back onto his chair. their chairs all surrounded ni-ki's desk as they chatted away until the teacher arrives for their morning class. human ethics, it was a mandatory course in their college.

"pretty good i'd say. i may just win the competition if i dare" ni-ki smiled, jokingly but it slowly turned into a scowl.

"you win? pfft i bet you'll either get last place or if you're lucky the only award you'll get is a participation award" sunoo inputted his opinion just to get on ni-ki's nerves but when he looked at the aforementioned he seemed unfazed.

"wanna bet on it?" ni-ki crossed him arms over his chest, smirking at his brilliant idea but his friends all thought the complete opposite, just watching the drama and worst decisions unfold right before their eyes.

"sure, what do i get when i win?" sunoo leaned on his arm that was propped against the chair and his head titled, strawberry coloured hair falling over his eyes a little and ni-ki gulped, suddenly getting nervous.

sunoo was undeniably and effortlessly pretty. there was no denying that and even ni-ki's heart couldn't process his beauty either, jumping for joy in his chest at the sight of the other.

"if you win, i won't bother you for one whole week" ni-ki promised him, it would be hard to do that since they were practically bickering with each other since kindergarten.

"sounds tempting" sunoo pretended to think, fingers tapping against his chin, his lips forming a pout and ni-ki's heart almost leaped out his chest but was quickly pulled back inside at sunoo's next words "what do you think, hoonie? should i?"

don't ask that fucking asshole, ni-ki let those words go unsaid as he usually does with most of his words he wants to spit at sunghoon.

"i don't think you should, sun. betting isn't a good–"

"what do you know huh? sunoo is grown to make his own damn decisions, park" ni-ki spat at him clearly upset with the effect sunghoon thinks he has on sunoo's life.

"hey, i haven't said anything 'til now" jay raised his hands in surrender and the rest of his friends laughed.

"whatever" ni-ki sighed and rolled his eyes "are you up for it, sunoo or do you still need to wait for your babysitter to make your decisions for you?" ni-ki shot sunghoon a glare at the word 'babysitter'.

a few awkward seconds went by and ni-ki took his silence as a no. before he could say anything more jay spoke up trying to cut the atmosphere and prevent ni-ki from saying something stupid.

"so any one of you losers signed up for the art competition too?" 

"jungwon was thinking about it" heeseung put the boy on the spot and jungwon looked up at him with wide eyes. yes, he has thought about it but never thought of considering, his drawings looked like rubbish.

"they aren't that bad, wonie. you should consider it or ask ni-ki for help i'm sure he's willing too"

"yeah i'll think about it" jungwon looked down at his feet, not wanting to look at heeseung to whom he is sure is looking right back at him.

"what about jake?" jay turned to their australian friend who sat beside him and heeseung "why don't you sign up?"

"he can't. his drawings are only stick figures" heeseung snickered at the thought of when he caught jake drawing on his notes and they were full of stick figurines.

"why don't you sign up, hm? you seem more interested in it than any of us" sunghoon added, seeing jay's unusual interest in the art club.

"i'll just waste my time, after all how air would it be if an a student from the facult participate? you all would be sore losers" jake pointed at each and everyone one of them jokingly "my sister is one of the seniors organizing the whole thing so she told me to ask you guys. besides we all know ni-ki going to win–" 

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