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finally, finals were over and summer time began.

summer time meant one good thing for niki, being as far away as possible from sunoo.

here they were at the gates of their uni, preparing to go on their trip.

"niki!" jungwon came to him as he placed his bags into the drunk of the mini van.

"uh we sorta have one more person joining us on this trip" he scratched his head and niki simply nodded in response.

jungwon's smile looked apologetic but niki only thought it was gen's cousin or something joining them.

"everyone ready?" gen shouted.

"wait i need to repack some things" jake replied back, taking clothes out of his bag and shoving it in heeseung's that was half empty.

"jake it's only two weeks not an entire year" jay sat at the driver's seat, tapping on the wheel impatiently.

"okay i'm done let's go!" jake hopped into the van followed by heeseung, niki and jake, jungwon sat at the front with jay and gen stood outside looking around.

"who are you waiting for?" niki asked, getting impatient as jay.

"uh someone...wait a sec?" jay grew more irritated and jungwon tried calming him down with some corn snacks he packed.

"okay he's here"

niki looked from the window to see a familiar auburn haired.

"yeah fuck no, i'm leaving" niki tried getting out the van but jake held him back.

"dude, you have to talk to him at some point"

sunoo entered the van and niki immediately spread his legs on the two seater to avoid sunoo sitting near him.

"niki stop being a baby, there a no more seats available" gen stood there glowering at him.

"there's one at the back" niki pointed and sunoo followed his finger but gen quickly sat there and gave sunoo a thumbs up.

"no that seat is full now"

niki grumbled at gen's sly move, folding his arms and looking out the window, when he felt the seat next him sink his heart juttered a bit.

sunoo sat there awkwardly when jay started the van and began driving.

"oh sun is that snacks?" jake leaned over from the back.

"mhm, here" sunoo gave him a pack of chips.

"yah sunoo i want one!" gen grumbled at the back and sunoo threw her a chocolate bar.

jungwon eagerly turned and smiled his deathly smile at sunoo who gave him a pack of gummy carrots.

"jay's full don't worry" jungwon spoke when he saw sunoo getting out another snack.

everyone was talking and eating and sunoo fiddled with a pack of seaweed chips.

truth be told, sunoo bought alot of snacks for the trip and most of it are niki's favorite.

so now, sunoo looked at the boy who was still staring out the window and poked his arm to get his attention.

niki felt it but didn't budge.

sunoo poked him again. the whole van went quiet watching what was going down.

"uh niki i bought-" sunoo held lut the bag of seaweed chips to niki, who just grabbed it with one hand and uttered a thanks, turning back to look out the window.

sunoo sighed and decided to further his attempts when they arrive.


"woohoo, finally the beach!" jungwon and jake were the first to get out, both running to the sea.

jay and heeseung watched them both, a smile creeping at the corner of their lips.

"ouuu jay finally liked jungwon back" gen came up from behind him and nudged his shoulder.

"back? he likes me too??" jay questioned with wide eyes abd gen simply rolled hers.

"you idiot!"

back at the van, sunoo sat there contemplating whether to wake up the sleeping niki or just leave.

his heart got the best of him and now he was poking niki's arm, neck and sides to wake him up.

only a few grumbles escaped the boy who fell back into his slumber so sunoo had to use other measures.

getting up frpm his seat, sunoo leaned over niki's face, he was handsome, sunoo won't lie.

the mole near his lip sunoo wanted to see up close again but he knows that's not going to happen.

getting closer to his ear sunoo.l mustered up his courage and shouted.h


niki flew up from his sleep looking all over mumbling his idol's name.

sunoo couldn't help but start laughing at niki's state.

when niki heard the fit of laughters next to him he sighed and covered his face in embarassment.

revenge was the only thing he could think of after fully waking up and now looking at the layghing boy, he gkt an idea.

niki swiped his hands at sunoo's sides and tickled him.

sunoo's face got conf7sed for a second until his feet was shifting around in the air and he was practically dying from the laughter.

"aww" gen's loudmouth brought niki to his senses and he immediately stopped tickling sunoo.

niki cleared his throat and walked over sunoo who was recovering from his high.

unconsciously he grabbed niki's hand to calm himself but niki pulled away bringing sunoo to his senses

sunoo bit his lip and looked at his feet, feeling an insult coming from the other any moment now.

niki put his hand on sunoo's seat and leaned down to meet his face.

sunoo looked at and was met with niki's chocolate brown eyes.

"you got one more chance, sun, don't fuck it up"

a/n: a couple more chapters left for this series :(

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