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"no! i'm not going"

"come on, sunoo. we bet on it!" ni-ki trailed after sunoo like a helpless puppy. it was the day after ni-ki was announced the winner. he confronted the older about their café[-date-thing but sunoo was being stubborn.

"you have no proof of that" sunoo knew ni-ki didn't have any response and he smiled to himself. he arrived at his locker, clicking it open.

"how can i have proof? it was a verbal agreement. sunoo!" ni-ki had a weary expression on his face as he complained to the male.

"if you have no proof then i'm a no show" he slammed his locker shut after collecting his texts and walked to his next class, photography.

ni-ki could only watch the pink-haired, following him very closely until he matched the boy's footsteps. they both exchanged looks, sunoo giving him a nasty look and ni-ki's eyes clean from any emotion.

"stop staring" 

"your pink hair is annoying as fuck" ni-ki blurted out, getting caught red handed for staring.

"not as much as yours. who even has blonde hair anymore? it's typical and boring" 

"pink hair reminds me of strawberry ice cream. ew" ni-ki shook his body in disgust and his nose scrunched.

"strawberry has a sweet taste to it unlike vanilla so plain and yucky"

ni-ki quickly turned his head in the other direction, biting back a smile from the boy's silly choice of words or was it the way sunoo said it that made ni-ki so flustered?

ni-ki let a small smile creep its way onto his face, turning to sunoo "strawberry is yucky" he rested his hand on top of sunoo's coloured hair. 

his hair was curled and and ni-ki could feel the hairspray. sunoo put a lot of effort in his hair this morning. probably for sunghoon he guessed. oh well, he ruffled his hair letting the locks tangle between his finger.

"yah!" sunoo shouted out loud grabbing the attention of some of the students. "you fucking asshole! my hair! nishimura!"

sunoo was pissed and ni-ki couldn't help but laugh. they reached the classroom, sunoo was heading towards the restroom to fix his hair but ni-ki pulled him by the sleeve of his shirt, into the classroom.

"people will see my hair! let go dumbass" sunoo scolded trying to get his hand out of ni-ki. they were not even halfway into the classroom yet when ni-ki stopped and turned to sunoo.

"go with me to the café then?"

sunoo couldn't believe this kid "whatever" sunoo looked away not wanting to admit defeat to ni-ki.

his arm was pulled further into the the classroom. which each step sunoo was having a war in his mind.

'just go with him'

'he can't do that. his pride is at stake'

'fuck his pride. if sunghoon sees him like this he will definitely make fun of him'

'sunghoon would never'

'he might'

'he would NOT'

"okay okay i'll go with you" sunoo finally said loud enough for ni-ki to hear him. with a quick turn, ni-ki face was inches away from sunoo and the latter backed away a little but that wasn't much of a help considering his arm was still not free.

"really? you can't back away this time" ni-ki pointed his finger at sunoo who nodded quickly. the only thought in his mind is trying to avoid sunghoon seeing him in a mess.

"okay then you can go" ni-ki let go of sunoo's hand and the boy quickly dashed towards the bathroom.


a/n: café date next chapter!

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