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after the competition...

"jake!" niki spun the boy around face full of worry and sweat from running down the hallway.

"dude are you okay? you look out of it" jake looked at his friend in worry. the boy was disheveled, his glasses hanging on the bridge of his nose and sweat coating his skin in a thin layer.

"hoon—you—crush—like?" niki panted trying to make words. that hallway is so damn long for no reason at all, he thought.

jake on the other hand got a bit flustered after registering niki's words. "h-huh n-no"

"cut the crap! i know you like him. I saw how you looked back at the rink." 


jake shook his head in denial and turn to walk away but niki pulled him back, shoving him against the locker.

niki gathered all the courage he had in him and regained his breath before saying.

"listen, you like hoon, i like sunoo. but sunoo likes hoon and he has a girlfriend. heeseung likes you but you li-" niki rambling was cut short by a jaw dropping jake.

"seung l-likes me?" he asked cutting niki off. both shocked and confused. but for some reason that statement made him feel warm inside.

niki looked at him in disbelief "c'mon you're not that gullible. the whole school knows heeseung likes you. hell, even the janitors can see it!" niki stated as if it was the most obvious thing.

students who rounded the hallway shot weird looks at the bickering pair but niki couldn't careless. he couldn't see sunoo broken over some self absorbed 'ice prince'.

"b-but" jake was cut off again.

"but nothing! don't go after someone who won't bat an eye your way. who won't give a shit about you. heeseung is right in front of you! the dude would literally sell his kidney for you!" niki may be overexaggerating a bit but he's not wrong. heeseung is such a simp.

"i know"

"huh?! you know?"

jake stood there flabbergasted for a while. his head spinning.

"he still likes me" he managed to say under his breath. niki heard and looked at him in confusion. his eyes furrowed together as he leaned his head against the locker.

"still?" he asked.

jake sighed and faced niki "heeseung and i were um a thing" he blurted out.

"a what!?" 

"you deaf?" jake asked not wanting to repeat what he just said "no one knew about us cause..."

"cause?" niki asked impatiently waiting for his friends response.

"we had benefits"

"bene-what?" niki asked confused. "i don't understand"

"oh my gosh. we fucked around with each other okay?" jake said in a rush, complete frustrated with niki's innocence.

"oh..." was all the younger said. silence engulfed the two for a few seconds. jake regretting telling niki this knowing heeseung would flip if he found out.

"look, you weren't supposed to know that. please don't tell heeseung" jake pleaded to niki.

"so do you really like hoon or" niki asked.

"no. i lied about liking hoon so heeseung and i's little fling would end" jake admitted "i walked out of there so heeseung would think i was affected by hoon's girlfriend. i mean it would be weird to say you like someone and be completely normal when you find out they are taken"

"i get that. so..." niki face changed into a playful one, a smirk forming at the corner of his lips "you like heeseung hyung!"

"what?no!" jake quickly denied "heeseung caught feelings and that was the last thing i wanted out of our little arrangement" jake admitted.

"so you don't like heeseung hyung" niki pouted acting sad and jake slapped him on his shoulder.

"ofcourse not! i don't do feelings!" jake admitted proudly but niki could tell there was some lie hidden behind that.

"so what is this about you liking sunoo?" jake changed the topic even though he knew of niki's crush on the boy.

niki's ears turned red. his glasses pushed up the bridge of his nose. jake laughed at niki's odd behavior.

"you want him to like you?" yes. niki wanted to say yes but a bunch of jumbled nonsense came out.

jake sighed and thought for a few seconds.

"you need a makeover"

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