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Chloe Paul's secret from Team 10 by SparkleJune_44
Chloe Paul's secret from Team 10by Team Valaur
Chloe Paul is Jake and Logan Paul's 17 year old little sister but she moves to la to live with Jake will team 10 find out about her secret and will she fall in love?
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Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) ✔️ (editing) by LexusRat
Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack)...by Mouse
Alexis (Lexus) Ratliff is an aspiring musician, and close friends with the five men of Black Veil Brides, her closest relation being to their singer, Andy. They decide t...
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colby brock imagines by emmary88
colby brock imaginesby emmary88
colby brock imagines and one shots :)
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prove it ; colby brock by emmary88
prove it ; colby brockby emmary88
"you're like my antidote. you counteract the poison." colby said, making me smile at him. in which a privileged, innocent girl meets a intriguing bad boy. *co...
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sing your song, Comagirl (finished) by sillycoconut
sing your song, Comagirl (finished)by SixSixSilly
Cecilie is a regular 18 year old girl. She is completely obsessed with black veil brides. She looks quite normal though - she blends in well, but inside that is not who...
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Marvel x Reader Collection by sososophisticated
Marvel x Reader Collectionby sososophisticated
Formerly "Chris Evans x Reader Collection" Smut, fluff, angst, but all bound to make u feel things. •Chris Evans •Sebastian Stan •Tom Holland •Jake Gyllenhaal ...
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Adopted by Colby by colbygalaxy
Adopted by Colbyby oomf
It's basically in the title. This girl, Ellie, gets adopted by Colby and stuff happens. If you want my honest opinion, I think it's a good story. You should click on tha...
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Loving the Warbler                                         BOOK ONE by muhakka_17
Loving the Warbler...by Soph
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Bowers gang preferences  by 1-800-sendnudesdaddy
Bowers gang preferences by A free sprit
What the title says
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I Think I Love My Brother's Best Friend by katiebarakarth
I Think I Love My Brother's Best F...by Katie
Meet Skye Barker. She pretty, smart, heartbroken, and Adam Barker's little sister. Meet Chace Matthews. He's cocky, gorgeous,a player, and Adam Barker's best friend. Cha...
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My love | C. Cullen by yaypll
My love | C. Cullenby Arora
When she moved she thought it would be the same old things to deal with. Oh how wrong she was. (Mid New moon - breaking dawn pt. 2)
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Beware Of The Villainess ! ll Myanmar Translation ll   by Jellyfish_1030
Beware Of The Villainess ! ll Myan...by JelRin
Accident တစ်ခုကြောင့် လက်ရှိကမ္ဘာမှာ သေဆုံးသွားတဲ့ ကျောင်းသူတစ်ယောက် ။ ဖတ်ဖူးတဲ့ Novel တစ်ပုဒ်ထဲက Villainအဖြစ်နဲ့ ပြန်လည်ရှင်သန်လာတဲ့အခါ... [အင်မတန့်]x2ချစ်စရာကောင်းသော...
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𝗖𝗮𝗽𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗲 by sonysa
𝗖𝗮𝗽𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗰...by S.G. SONYSA
Teaser: She looked up and found a boy getting up from the floor. He turned to her when he was on his feet. She glared at him and rubbed her elbow to get rid of the pain...
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Bondi Rescue ~ Imagines And Preferences Fanfic ~  by user910haha
Bondi Rescue ~ Imagines And Prefer...by how_you_doin?
All of your fav Bondi Lifeguards imagines and preferences. I will try and do all of them.
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Finn X Reader  Unexpected Love by Rain_is_a_Wolf
Finn X Reader Unexpected Loveby Katelyn Wolf
You are a human in the land of ooo but you are in poverty and live on the streets, since you are poor you have resorted to stealing. You are unaware that there is anoth...
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Avatar: Life of a warrior  by kyxgarra21
Avatar: Life of a warrior by kyxgarra21
Soldaat also known as Sol. She is the daughter of a chief in Africa. She was the head warrior of her tribe. She has taken on many challenges in her life. She went to...
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Be More Chill On Instagram ✔️ by thatagenderkid
Be More Chill On Instagram ✔️by Heather McNamara 💛
1st book in the '...on Instagram' series. I started with Be More Chill as its my favourite out of all 3. Ships and users in first chap! -That non-binary kid Disclaimer...
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✰imagines~l.p✰ by admiringlogey
✰imagines~l.p✰by marissa ♡
imagines of you guessed it... logan paul 🥺 Instagram: @breathinloges twitter: @breathinloges
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Logan Paul Instagram by aaalondra100
Logan Paul Instagramby aaalondra100
Shawnmendes liked Loganpaul liked Loganpaul commented Shawnmendes commented Jayalvarez liked
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Jerika - Broken 💔 by booksbytasha
Jerika - Broken 💔by tasha
This story starts off as Jake and Erika breaking up, but as the story goes on they realise just how much they need each other in their life. So... they find their way ba...
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