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"good morning my favorite people" niki entered the kitchen, stretching and yawning.

"since when did you say morning?"

"correction, when did he have manners"

jake corrected his boyfriend's sentence.

"oh ma gawd! the world is ending today" jay who was watching some boring american tv show, exaggerated.

"no it's not, you dufus!" jungwon hit him with a pillow.

"i know that, jeez grumpy much?" jay pouted and rubbed his head.

"when will the two of you just get together already?" niki asked the obvious while pouring milk into a bowl.


someone shouted and within a second the milk disappeared from his hands.

niki looked over to gen who was now pouring milk into her cereal filled bowl.

"cereal first" gen shook her head, giving the box of cereal to niki.


"jake i swear, shut up"

"yo guys we're leaving in a couple hours, okay?"

"why?" sunoo walked in rubbing his sleepy eyes, taking a seat next to niki.

"i just found out sunghoon is leaving for the states at 2"


heeseung was mostly silent the whole time. only his boyfriend knows about what happened between the two.

"and? heeseung, he's still our friend" jungwon corrected.

jay opened his mouth to say something but jungwon continued.

"he may be a shitty asshole but once upon a time we were all friends"

"that backstabbing cu-"

"hee!" gen shouted to stop him from cursing.

heeseung rolled his eyes, storming up to his shared room.

"why's he so pissed?" gen thought aloud.

"whatever, just be ready" jungwon put his luggage in the living room and sat near jay.

sunoo seemed to be enjoying his cereal too much.

niki couldn't help but stare at him. at first it was small glances while heeseung argued with jungwon but now he can't seem to take his eyes of the pretty boy.

gen, jungwon and jay all shared secret smiles at the oblivious pair.

gen smirked.

"sun, look at this"

sunoo turned his head in the direction of niki who was still staring at him.

sunoo was caught by surprise. his face was a mere inch away from niki's who seemed to be used to this given he didn't even flinch.

"pretty" niki whispered. sunoo swiftly turned his head away to avoid any more embarassment.

niki wasn't having it and pulled sunoo by the arm, planting a kiss on his cheek.


gen's voice finally made niki blush. "tooth rotting stuff" she gushed and tidied up the kitchen.

"you two are adorable" jay complimented.

niki smiled, his chest swelling with pride being able to kiss and hug sunoo anytime, anywhere.

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