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"hyung, no!" riki cried, his brother's hand on his shirt trying to drag him out of bed.

"what do you eat?" hyunjin asked, surprised by riki's strength as he held onto the headboard.

it was currently ten and riki's date was two hours away but he wants to sleep. hyunjin prepared his outfit and everything he will need to make sunoo can't take his eyes off his brother.

the boy still didn't budge. chan sat on the chair enjoying the the two bickering as he nibbled on a cookie from yesterday.

"yah! nishimura if you don't get up i'll enroll you in a socializing class with actual humans" hyunjin threatened .

"antisocial mf" he mumbled under his breath.

"i look like an idiot! sunoo will never like me! i rather stay home and suffer in silence"

hyunjin stopped tugging and sighed. he started thinking of a way to get nishimura out of this state.

'got it!'

hyunjin grabbed riki's phone, scrolling through his contacts in search for a specific pink haired.


hyunjin cringed at the contact name.

'strawberry sweetheart'

he quickly pressed it and the ringing echoed throughout the room until a muffled 'hello' came from across the speakers.

riki shot up from his bed and looked at his hyung and grabbed his phone quickly.

"niki?" sunoo called out and riki panicked. taking a huge deep breath, he answered

"haha sunoo hyung. i dialed your number by mistake" he played it off but anyone who has two braincells could tell it was a lie.

"uhh okay. thought you were cancelling on the meet today"

riki wanted to hit his hyung so hard for this "no no i'll be there!" riki reassured and hyunjin smiled in victory.

after the call ended riki attacked his brother with a pillow but missed and the pillow came into contact with chan's face smothered in chocolate chip remains.

"sorry channie" riki quickly apologised and chased his brother around the room.

after the mini chaos riki gave up and took a shower. got ready into his new clothes and let his brother style his hair.

glasses replaced with contacts.

sweats replaced by jeans.

hoodie replaced by a black shirt.

flip flops replaced by shoes.

◻^^ picture above^^◻

chan and hyunjin were both shocked. from the nerdy wreck that riki always was to a guy who looks like a total hottie.

"i look bad!" riki complained after getting no response from chan and his brother "this pants is too ew and  this shirt is to provacative and my hair, does it need these highlights?"

"shhhh" hyunjin shushed his brother and applied some makeup to brighten his face "you look awesome, little bro"

"i agree. if this sunoo guy doesn't fall in love instantly then he should get his eyes checked" chan joked.

it was almost time for riki to go on his little date, he made his way downstairs only to hear a loud screech as he entered the living room.

his nana's hand covered over her mouth as she looked at riki. eyes wide and almost bulging out of the sockets.

a minute or two passed before she finally spoke "ahh riki! so handsome!" she exclaimed coming up to him to check his face "my grandson is soo handsome" she gushed and riki felt a bit flustered.

he wasn't used to this kind of attention. in the car, he checked himself in the mirror. his hair was highlighted in yellow amongst a black shadow. 

riki actually felt a little pride after receiving numerous compliments from his nana, brother and channie.

all these compliments but the one he wants to impressed is probably waiting at the mall already. riki cursed his lateness.

the car stopped and riki's heart started beating loudly. he was nervous, hella nervous. sunoo will for sure downgrade his new look but there's a part in riki that hopes sunoo likes it, even a little.

"ready lil' bro?" hyunjin turned to his brother who was obviously a nervous wreck "chill out! he won't eat you alive" hyunjin joked.

"you're a good kid, riki. sunoo should see that" chan patted him on the back. he hopped out of the car and waved goodbye to them.

riki kept his eyes glued to the floor, he could feel one or two stares his way but ignored it. hands clutched to his side he looked up and saw a certain pink haired male sitting near the fountain.


a/n: rushed chapter. enjoy <3

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