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it's already been a week they've spent at the beach together and niki felt a little homesick.

his nana called him everyday to check up on him but he's never been this far away from her.

he started to miss her.

sunoo and him shared a couple conversations after that night but nothing more.

it was as if everything was fine for a mere moment and the next day he's back to square one.


niki walked up to the older who was busy making snacks with gen and jay.

"hm? want one?" sunoo held a cracker to niki's mouth.

"i'm fine, sun" he gave him a tight lipped smile "actually can we talk-"

"niki! grab me the berries from the counter over there, please" gen interrupted, giving niki her best puppy eyes and niki listened.

gen was frosting crackers, eating all the frosting after every cracker she coated, while jay washed some berries and dipped them in chocolate.

"uh is something happening today?" niki set the bag on the table and sat on the chair.

"nope, we're just making some snacks while eveyone hang out" gen answered.

"oh well then may i burrow sunoo for a sec-"

"niki can u grab me the salt over there" jay interrupted.

"sure hyung"

niki wasn't going to get sunoo alone. it was like this for the past week.

either sunoo was too busy, niki got cut off mid setence or sunoo fell asleep when he arrived at their room.

maybe sunoo was avoiding him? again?

niki almost cried remembering what happened the last time he confessed.

it was all too similiar...sun won't do that again...niki hoped.

"nisimura, my favourite boy" gen sugar coated her words and niki knew she wanted something again "take these outside, jake and the rest are grilling some meat"

niki took the tray outside and set it next to a bowl of noodles.

"niki! wanna grill some meat?" heeseung asked.

"uh i'm fine" niki wasn't in no mood to grill meat right now.

"BRO" jake shot up ftom his chair, phone in hand.

"look at this" he put his phone to heeseung's face who side eyed him before looking at the article.

"what? did something happen to yeonjun-ssi?" jungwon shot up from his seat trying to peak over at jake's phone.

niki was lost in his thoughts and could care less about jungwon's idol obssession.

"it's not yeonjun dumbass it's-"


jungwon's words caught the attention of niki and everyone inside who rushed outside immediately.

"what happened?!" jay asked panicking.

"he got signed by some international skating agency" jake informed.

"yah! i thought something bad" gen complained while holding a spatula full of frosting.

jay sighed and went back inside followed by gen.

niki looked over at sunoo who was now in his own world.

he must've been devastated knowing sunghoon is moving away.

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