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"one caramel latte with no foam and 3 pumps of expresso for 'my adorable sunshine"

everyone started whispering amongst themselves and some even laughed.

"that's mine" niki raised his hand in shame and quickly paid for the drink hoping to get out of there but as he got the receipt he noticed a scribble asking for his number.

he looked up to see the cashier winking at him.

she pulled.out her phone and handed it to him "here you can put it in-"

"sorry miss i'm 12" and with that he left the receipt and walked out leaving an offended cashier and an amused audience.


anxious was beyond niki's comprehension as he walked into campus. he only hopes sunoo still likes caramel like he used to or he'll be doomed.

"niki, my guy" jake approached him and niki jumped a little almost spilling the hot latte on his hands.

"why so jumpy? you usually look depressed as fuck" jake circled his arm around niki.

niki contemplated whether to tell jake about him and sunoo being together.

maybe him and sunoo could announce it to everyone together.

he made a mental note to mention it to sunoo later on.

jake began blabbing about something heeseung said a while ago, niki could careless right now.

" so i said i didn't, our arrangement was stric-"

amiss all jake's blabbing niki spotted a certain pinkhaired walking into class.

"sorry man gotta go! goodluck with hee though!" niki waved him goodbye and dashed to where the aforementioned entered.

"sun!" niki shouted as he entered the lexture hall all eyes focused on him even a certain pair of fox-like eyes he spotted further down the lane.

squeezing himself through a row of kids niki sat next to sunoo and put his hand out holding the latte that seemd to have spilled a bit on his hands.

"brought you a caramel latte, your favorite" niki smiled and sunoo froze not knowing what to do.

sunoo reluctantly took the latte and thanked niki who was now more psyched than ever.

"so i was thinking maybe you wanna get lunch with me? niki fiddled with the rip of his jeans beneath the table.

"i'm busy riki" sunoo blatantly answered scribbling something into his notebook

"oh-oh... well um that's fine maybe tomorrow?" niki suggested amd sunoo only nodded in response.

niki let the awkward silence fill the two. sunoo looked preoccupied with his work so his behavioir has nothing to do with last night right? nah could never be.

"so sun, i was thinking since we are together now-" niki was cut off by a weird and alarmed look from sunoo.

"riki n-"

" okay guys settle down! let's get clas started" the teacher banged the ruler on the table silencing everyone.

niki said nothing, got up and left.

sunoo let out a big breath the moment the younger was no longer in sight.

what the hell was niki thinking? one kiss and they are suddenly boyfriends?

after clsss sunoo gathered his things still a bit fazed by niki's words.

speakaing of the boy he got a serious jumpscare walking out of his class.

niki sat on the floor near sunoo's class. sunoo was a bit surprised he sat there when there were perfectly good benches far away from his clsss.

"hi sun! how was your class? anything interesting you learnt?" niki asked eager to hear about sunoo's class. in all honesty niki loved sunoo's dramatic rants and despite it got a little silly at times he wpukd never admit how adorable sunoo looked when he was angry.

" today i learnt that one mistake can ruin an entire photo?"

"uhhh how does that make sense?" niki tried grasping sunoo's concept but it was of no use.

sunoo stayed silent, ignoring niki and walked ahead as he caught up with him.

walking side by side, niki felt their hand brushed against each other ever so often which reminded him of last night when they held hands and talked about the most silliest and comtroversial shit that can possibly get bpth of them cancelled.

niki hope-filled and all slowly reached for sunoo's finger and threaded each of his fingers into sunoo's.

the moment there palms touched sunoo jolted and pulled away making niki regret everything.

"i-i'm sorry, sun i thought-"

"thought what? we're together?" sunoo said absentmindedly.

oh no. this was all in his head wasn't it?

"yes isn't that why you kissed me back? don't you like me?" niki was crumbling down.

"no riki! i don't like you. i never had!" sunoo let out, squeezing his eyes shut trying not to look at niki right now.

"liar! last night you-"

"last night meant nothing niki, nothing! i was too caught up in the moment i lost my head!" sunoo confessed

"so do me a favor and stop pestering me i don't want your coffee nor do i want to see you"

that was it. that was all it took to break that one string in niki's heart that slowly started multiplying again, to shatter completely.

it hurts, he stoof there feeling the eyes of sunoo's fourth year classmates linger on him for a while.

all niki's attempts to befriend sunoo failed. he wasted his first kiss on someone who didn't even care for him even as friends.

niki's eyes stung with tears threatening to fall. sunoo left and he just stood there unable to move, not knowing what to do.

his legs were numb and niki felt dumb af.

his classes were actually cancelled today and he planned the entire day for him amd sun, now it all feels so heavy on his heart.

sunoo never loved him nor seen him as a human being.

their fights and non-stop bickering wounded up in nothing but silence and hurt.

now, today, niki experienced his first heartbreak and he would be damned if he say he was anywhere close to fine.

i'm sorry for loving you, sun.

a/n: too many updates at once?

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