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ni-ki came to the skating rink along with jake to spectate sunghoon's last rehearsal before his big game with their rival college tomorrow.

the nerdy boy couldn't care less about sunghoon and his rehearsals he was dragged here by jake with the lie that sunoo was coming and now sunoo wasn't there and he was stuck with a drooling jake.

after the game ended ni-ki quickly stood up ready to leave when jake quickly protested. ni-ki stopped dead in his tracks and not because of jake's annoying wails, he saw sunoo walking towards sunghoon with a neatly decorated box.

ni-ki sighed. that day he asked sunoo for a 'date' he hoped it would change something between them but he was a damn coward.

ni-ki skeptically looked at the heart wrenching scene from the stands. sunoo happily gave sunghoon the box and sunghoon took it with his disgustingly sweet smile. according to ni-ki.

ni-ki wished that was him. he wished sunoo gave him gifts and smiled at him that way.

he wished.

he was about to walk away when something caught his eye. the captain of football cheerleading team took the box away from sunghoon and immediately scrunched up her face in disgust as she opened it.

ni-ki saw how fast sunoo's smile faltered and it broke his heart. as much as he comments on sunoo's constant bubbly behavior it is sure off to see him like this.

ni-ki was right. sunoo's frown was quickly replaced with a smile and the girl took countless bites from the pastry and spat it out.

this angered ni-ki and without thinkin his legs started moving on its own to where sunoo was.

jake tried protesting his behavour, also having seen what happened but as he was about to grab onto ni-ki's sweater, he was stopped.


he stood behind where his friends was and gripped onto jake's hand with a little force.

"let him go" heeseung said in a cold and demanding tone. jake doesn't know what came over him but he obeyed.

heeseung let out a sickening chuckle at how jake easily complied and the next words that left his mouth rendered jake speechless.

"and you say you love him, jaeyun-ah?"


sunoo was startled by the girl's disrespectful behaviour. he thought sunghoon would atleast speak up about it but he didn't so he decided to put on the fake smile that he managed on his face as always.

as soon as the girl was about to close the box and make another insult at his baking skills, ni-ki approached and took the box out of his hand and shoved one of the pastries into his mouth.

he flinched a little at the sour taste but managed a smile and said "sushnoo hyung, chu bake sho gweat!" ni-ki gave him a thumbs up as he swallowed the remaining bits of what seemed to be a lemon cake.

"you don't have to fake it you know" the started. her face scanning him for any sort of discomfort.

"not my fault you don't know what good baking is. I'm sure you and your crusty ass have never set foot in a kitchen" ni-ki blurted out of nowhere and he heard a snicker come from behind and smiled to himself knowing well who it was.

"hoonie!" the girl screeched and ni-ki visibly cringed at the loud tone "he's bullying me" she continued to whine.

"i'm sorry i don't see how that's his problem" ni-ki sassed.

"ofcourse its his problem! i'm his girlfriend" she smiled happily and ni-ki's eyes went wide. he looked at sunghoon with a shocked and confused expression and the latter only nodded.

ni-ki turned to check on sunoo but the boy was gone. he had no idea when he left. worry took over ni-ki's mind.

did sunoo hear the news and left or did he leave before?

was he mad at him for standing up for him?

could he tell ni-ki didn't like the sour taste of his cake?

all these thoughts ran through his mind and just before he left he turned to sunghoon.

"you don't deserve him"


a/n : hi guys! its been a while. i've been busy alot lately and my motivation to continue my ffs have disappeared but i am trying my best to start writing again. i do apologize for the late update and hope you guys enjoy <3 i love each and every one of my readers and thank you so much for supporting this ff.

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