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warning: heejake tense flirting towards the end of the chapter (feel free to skip if your uncomfy)

niki stood there, at the end of the hall which lead to his make–up class. there weren't much people on campus today but the fear of running into sunoo ate him.

as he nervously walked down the hallway a million thoughts ran through his mind.

the boy he loved since forever took sunghoon's side. he didn't even show up with the group yesterday to apologize or riki was wrong to even ask for an apology maybe sunoo was too good for him.

sunoo loves sunghoon so he should be happy for them even though he felt like his world turned upside down.

sunoo's smile brightened his day and his nagging always made niki laugh. he loved teasing the boy but now they won't even speak.

niki went back to wearing practically pjs at school and continued wearing glasses. contacts hurt his eyes anyway.

dorky, old niki was back.

"nishimura!" his dance teacher's voice boomed in the empty classroom. niki gulped knowing he hasn't been in school for a while and expected a harsh blowout.

his dance teacher was scary strict and everyone would dance with quivering toes because of him.

"why were you absent this entire week? y'know midterms are coming close"

"yes sir, sorry sir, it won't happen again sir"

"good, i assigned everyone a solo project. each student must dance an emotion, it's due in two weeks." he simply said and niki's brain short–circuited.

"sir, how does one dance an emotion?" niki questioned watching how his teacher let out a snort, clearing his throat afterwards.

"well my dear niki, emotions are simple, happy, joy, confuse, disgust and sadness. have you not heard of them?" he asked with an eyebrow raised in question.

"i have sir, it's just–"

"okay then! this assignment shouldn't be no problem especially for my star student" he smiled "that is all, you may leave" he dismissed niki who left with a hardwired brain.

an emotion interpreted dance? what the fuck is that?

niki walked out of class trying to focus his mind on how he was going to start this assigment.

'i heard sunoo and sunghoon got together'

niki froze in his spot

'no wayy, when?' another shrieked in excitement.

'yesterday. rumor says sunoo asked first!" she screamed, damaging niki's eardrums.

normally, niki would crumble at this point but no instead he continued walking trying to blink away the oncoming tears that threaten his vision.

his throat burned with he stifled sobs he held back. all those times he only ever put sunoo first, he tried and tried different ways to be like sunghoon.

once he even tried out for ice skating but that flunked as well when all sunoo would talk about at practice is how sunghoon looked as he glided across the ice.

niki was a mess right now. he tried putting on a brave face for gen and his friends but he couldn't help it.

niki walked through campus and sat on a random bench, hands buried into his face as he let his tears roll into his sweater sleeves.

sunoo's smile flashed in his eyes, the kiss they shared multiple times. the hugs and cuddles meant nothing.


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