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^^ sunki in japan just hits different



"oh no." sunoo mentally cursed himself. he slowly turned to be met face to face with a cocky grin from his arch nemesis, riki. 

"who are you calling 'sun', hm?" 

"umm " riki pretended to think for a brief moment, a toothy grin forming on his face "you."

"what do you want, nishimura?" sunoo was bored and tired of this guy's shenanigans he has been doing in the last two days.

niki looked tensed for a moment. a hint of nervousness flashed in his eyes before it was replaced by an unreadable gaze.

"this saturday? mall? me? you?" his sentence structure was that of a five year old but he couldn't care less. asking sunoo out was hard and nerve wrecking.



 "o-oh okay" riki's voice cracked a little.

sunoo sighed. this kid.

"well...see you around—"

"riki wait!"

sunoo was going to regret this but he blamed it on his excellent socializing skills and his inability to deny anyone a favor or turn them down.

"i'll go with you"

the moment sunoo said this he mentally faced palmed himself because the bright smile on the vanilla's face was annoying but oddly satisfying to have pleased him.

"stop that! your face looks weird"

"okay sir!" riki straightened up.

"saturday at 12, don't be late."


"guess who got another date!" niki sung while walking to his house.

"woah! you finally moved on from sunoo and decided to actually talk to other people?!" jake jumped up, excited and all bubbly.

"pfft no."

"i figured as much" jake's mood quickly switched. He knew his friend was set in stone with sunoo ever since they were in kindergarten but it was good to hope he gave up.

"you don't understand jakey. sunoo's amazing!" riki gushed "his smile is that of the sun, his face resembles those of the softest of dumplings, they feel as soft as marshmallows" riki looks down at his hand remembering the times he teased sunoo for his squishy cheeks.


"sun!" little riki ran towards the 6-year-old with a toy dino clutched to his hands. he ran so fast he tumbled with the aforementioned making them both fall onto the playmat, foreheads colliding.

"ouchie!" riki hissed, rubbing his forehead and got up. he picked up his dino, eager to give it to sunoo but the latter face was in a serious pout with tears welled up in his eyes.

sunoo was still on the playmat, butt first. tears streamed down his teary eyes. riki panicked and dropped his dino to apologize to sunoo but sunghoon beat him to it.

"what's wrong, sun?" sunoo sniffled as sunghoon hugged him.

"r–riki pushed me!" he cried. sunghoon shifted his gaze to riki who stood there with an angry pout. 

"i didn't push him! i only wanna give him my dino!" little riki mumbled to himself as he walked to the ball pit and sat down.

"riki–san?" the teacher called out to the boy who didn't bother looking up at her "is something wrong?"

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