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"wait-please-i-" it was sunoo losing his breath, feet aching from chasing after niki who sped walk.

curse his long legs, sunoo grumbled.

"leave me alone, sunoo" niki felt like his class was miles away. sunoo tried catching up to him.

at one point they were practically running around the school until sunoo gave up and started walking again.

niki just wanted to get to his class on a monday morning but sunoo decided to chase him like a psychotic clown.

the blonde boy kept looking behind him to keep sunoo of his tail but he didn't look where he was going until he bumped head on with someone.

"ow!" she hisses in pain "what the hell you prick" the girl cursd and niki apologized quickly trying to get past her as sunoo approached.

"hold the phone! niki?" oh no, gen not now. niki silently cursed her.

"you're sweating at 8am in the morning?"

"yeah yeah, let me go i'm late for class" he tried taking his arm out of her grip.

confusion written on her face was replaced when she saw an equally sweaty boy smiling awkwardly at her.

"right, gotta go" niki took this distraction as a chance to get out of her grip but gen held him back quickly.

"nuh uh, what's going on?" she questioned them both who were breathing heavily.

"can't you see? he's chasing me like a fucking clown" niki simply said.

"a what? a clown?" sunoo's eyes widened at the insult "i'll show you clown you-" sunoo was about to jump at niki when gen grabbed his arm.

"you two can't be serious" she sighed having hold of tbe two kids in her hands as they kept trying to budge.

"sunoo, why are you chasing after niki? you had the chance one too many times but why now?"

sunoo became a bit flustered at the hidden meaning, his face deepened its flushed red color.

" i just wanna talk" sunoo tried to sound calm and collected but it came out in desperation.

"talk?" gen turned to niki now "you told me y'all did"

"we didn't" sunoo corrected her giving up his attempt to break free.

gen rolled her eyes at these two childish behaviour.

"niki, go" and niki did, sparing one last glamce at sunoo's face. the same expresion when niki left at dinner was painted on.


"sunoo just, just shut up! niki's been through it for you and you threw him under the bus" she hasn't spoken to the boy in a while but she needed to let him know.

"gen, i'm sorry"

"y'know niki's not gonna buy a shitty sorry from you right?" gen blantantly said.

sunoo knew she was right but his mind can't think clearly after sunghoon told him everything.

"help me gen please?" sunoo held her hands and begged.

she was shocked.

"me? no no. sunoo you have to do this on your own" gen informed and sunoo just sat on the floor right there shocking gen for another time.

"get off the ground sunoo, people are staring" gen sternly said.

"no" sunoo stubbornly replied

gen rolled her eyes and swept her hair back.

these kids.

"fine fine i'll help now get up-"

"yay thank youuu. you're the best gen noona" sunoo immediately got off the floor and hugged gen.

"let go your fucking sweaty"


"aunty, should i?"

back at sunoo's mom place, sunghoon came over again to help her with breakfast.

she usually overworked herself and fainted.

one evening sunghoon visited sunoo and found his mom lying on the floor unconscious when no one was around.

this was why he tried coming here especially when sunoo was out.

he won't lie it was selfish of him for what he did to niki and he's willing to pay for it.

turns out gen was right, it was a mere infatuation.

the moment they got together, sunghoon realized there were no sparks, no butterflies and he knew sunoo felt it too so they ended things after a couple of weeks passed.

"yes, you should! i've met jake he's such a sweet boy"  she smiled as she cut vegetables.

"but he likes heeseung hyung, i don't wanna be a homewrecker again" sunghoon confessed not knowing if he was actually crying or if it was the onions he was cutting.

"oh deary, it's good to get it off your chest sometimes" she turned on the tap and washed some of the uncut veggies.


she turned off the water and cupped sunghoon's face in her hands looking up at him.

"you're not a homewrecker for truly expressing how you feel for someone" she smiled at him and sunghoon felt at ease.

sunghoon never had this kind of love in his life before.

he was an orphan since he could remember, his foster parents were rich but left him all alone here while they travelled around the world.

no amount of money in this world can replace what sunghoon's feeling right now.

"thank you, ajhumma" he placed his hands over hers and laughed. she joined him in laughter and pinched his cheeks.

"ajhumma? i could be the next k-pop star" she laughed, flipping her hair and blinking her eyelashes.

sunghoon shoot two thumbs up "definitely"

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