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"granny!" hyunjin screeched as the door swung open, engulfing the old lady in a sole crushing hug.

"don't kill the lady" chan whispered behind him and extended a hand to grandma.

"channie my dearest, how have you been!?" she exclaimed reaching out to hug him, leaving his hand in mid air.

"o-oh I have been doing well." chan spoke politely a little flustered by the foreign gesture but his friend cut him off.

"granny don't believe him! his job is stressing him out. late hours at work and no bonus pay!" hyunjin spoke up, entering the kitchen and stuffing one of grandma's baked cookies into his mouth.

"i didn't know you were coming! i would have prepared something!" distress coated her face, offering the cookie tray to chan "take one"

"i couldn't" he bashed a little, dismissing the tray before him.

hyunjin rolled his eyes and took a cookie and shoved it into his friend's mouth "you're getting too skinny. eat!"

grandma laughed at this and set the tray back down. "would you like anything to drink or eat?' she asked them.

"we would love to sit and eat grandma but we've got work to do" hyunjin took his bags and winked at her, eyes darting to niki's room then back to her.

"oh! riki is still asleep. kids these days, gaming all night" she sighed.

"don't worry granny. soon that will change. riki told you about his date?" 

"no? oh yesyes!" her eyes widened in excitement " i think he had a date with sunoo but came home sad that day" grandma's voice dropped a little " i guess it didn't go well" her wrinkles deepens as she frowned.

"don't worry that's why your favorite grandson is here. When i'm done with him sunoo would wished he never rejected riki" hyunjin smirked and headed upstairs followed by chan.

"sunoo never rejected my grandson"


knock knock.

niki groaned. tired from losing his last game he did not want to get out of bed, especially when he had no classes today.

"grandma! i'm tired!" she shouted half asleep.

"yah! you lazy ass. wake up it's your hyung!" hyunjin banged repeatedly on the door. riki groaned and covered his ear with the pillow. 

"riki if you don't open this door right now i'll tell everyone you wear pokemon under–"

the door was slowly opened and the pair was met with a zombie blonde haired boy.

"finally!" hyunjin pushed his way pass riki and set his things on the bed. meanwhile chan politely greeted him and niki just smiled back.

"you didn't tell mwe you were coming!" riki yawned, shutting his door and sat on his bed looking at his hyung take out all sorts of hair products.

"what's this for?" riki picked up a blow dryer, confused as to what was happening.



"okay riki, stay still. this won't hurt one bit" hyunjin said with a pair of scissors and dye in his hands.

"hyung, no"

riki jumped off the bed moving to the their side of the room.

"wanna stay single for the rest of your life?" hyunjin asked.


his brother sighed. this kid was stubborn. he had no other choice but to yank him and tie him up.

"wait" chan stopped him knowing damn well what he was thinking "riki do you want sunoo to notice you"

"he already does" riki sassed back despite knowing what chan meant.

"riki." chan voice was a little more serious and riki looked down at his bare feet. of course he wanted sunoo to notice him for more than the troublemaker he assumes he is.

"yes" riki mumbled under his breath.. hyunjin eyes widened but he wasn't surprised. chan has always been good at these things.

"good! now let's get started!"


"boys!" grandma nishimura called to the boys who's been up there for hours "are you guys hungry?!"

hyunjin came down, his hands a bit stained with dye "we are heading to the mall granny! so maybe dinner?" he kissed her on the cheek as chan and riki came down.

riki wore a beanie and his hood up, his grandma looked at him in confusion "oh dear! are you sick riki?"

"i'm not nana."

"it's hot outside! why are you covered up?" she asked worriedly checking his forehead for any signs of a fever.

"he's fine" chan confirmed. "it's part of a little surprise" chan smiled and patted his clothed head.

hyunjin grabbed his keys and they all bid grandma goodbye.

"let's goooo, clothes shopping!" jyunjin shouted as they drove down the streats of seoul.

"um hyung, can we pick up my friend on the way? he doesn't live very far from here" riki needed emotional support and that person was the only one who knows how to.

"jakey!" riki smiled as the boy entered the car. jake noticed the weird outfit and tried taking it off but hyunjin stopped him giving him a sly smile.

they arrived at the mall and all riki wanted was to eat. he wouldn't stop complaining about the sound of his stomach, so food first then shopping.

bungeoppang, tteokbokki, bibimbap, kimchi and gimbap.

riki ordered all of it so everyone else was stck with this order. it was pretty large but riki eats alot.

"so what style should we go for?" hyunjin asked while everyone devoured theri meal "streetwear?"

"no" jake quickly objected. it doesn't feel like a riki thing.

"gamer boy?" chan suggested knowing riki is obsessed with gaming.

"yeah but nah" jake rejected again and was in deep thought "what about an edgy vibe?"

"yes!" hyunjin immediately agreed, mouth still stuffed. chan laughed a little almost choking on air.

riki couldn't care less anymore. he let his hyungs decide for him.

later that day, they got everything and riki yawned. he was tired from trying on all the clothes.

"oh good you are home!" grandma smiled at them, going to help them with the bags. 

"it's okay granny! i'll take these up to niki's room and then we can eat" hyunjin said and chan helped him.

riki was about to follow them but was stopped by his nana's voice.

"won't you eat riki?"

"i'm not that hungry nana" riki lied and headed upstairs. the truth was tomorrow was his next date with sunoo and it was a bit nerve wrecking. he was given another chance and he won't screw it up.

he went to his room and threw himself on the bed. chan and hyunjin wished him goodlucked as they left.

"tomorrow, sun, you will be mine"


a/n: this chapter wasn't proof read! sorry for the minor mistakes but be ready! 

also this ff is trending #2 on sunki! AHHHH! so exciting thank you guys so much<3

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