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"niki what the fuck" gen cussed him. they were outside the nurse's office, sunghoon was being treated for his wound but to niki he's overreacting it's just a small bruise.

"he deserved it" 

"that's your friend what did he ever do to you?" gen cornered niki and questioned him, her eyes stern and unmoving.

"that asshole told–"


niki winced in pain and held his now reddened face, a surge of pain spreading across it. he looked up to the owner of such a powerful slap. he honestly expected it to be none other than sunghoon who wanted revenge.


niki's words got stuck in his throat literally. he was blinded by rage he forgot how sunoo would react to him hitting sunghoon.

"he deserved it" niki spat, rubbing his hand along to fading mark on his face.

sunoo was about to slap niki again but gen grabbed his arm "do all you people know is violence?"

"niki punched sunghoon gen"

"i can see that" she said.

"you know he deserved it sun" niki looked at sunoo and the boy's face reddened. niki's stare was intense and for a couple of seconds his heart skipped a beat.


"guys where's sunghoon?" jungwon came running in with a jay tailing his back. heeseung and jake followed behind.

"he's fine, the nurse is treating him" gen confirmed and jungwon sighed in relive sitting on the chair outside the office.

niki scoffed and turned to leave when jake called after him.

"why'd you do that?"

the question made niki rile up again but sunoo spoke up instead "he won't say let's not bother about it until he know sunghoon's fine"

gen looked at niki's figure now walking down the halls and she almost feel sorry for him.


"niki! wait up!"

niki didn't stop and kept walking until gen caught up and grabbed his jacket. he looked at her as if he just came out from an alternate reality.

she grabbed niki's hand and took him to somewhere quiet that being behind the lockers.


"why did you punch sunghoon?" her serious face was on and niki dare not mess around "i want every detail and only the truth"

"i don't know the truth! all i know is that bastard is messing with sunoo's head and he's the reason sunoo keeps pushing me away"

"whoa whoa whoa! i've known hoon almost my whole life what do you mean he's sabotaging your relationship with sunoo?" 

gen tried putting pieces together. sunghoon was awfully insistent on liking sunoo as if he couldn't like anyone else but it was so obvious that he doesn't.

"maybe?? i–i don't know" niki ran his hand through his hair frustrated at this point. all this time niki thought it was his looks or his personality he tried changing everything but it was just that asshole's doing.

"sunghoon's infatuated with sunoo" gen blurted out leaving niki dumbfounded.


"you heard me. look i'm not no sorta love guru but y'all gotta be a different kind of blind to not notice how broken sunghoon looks when jake's with heeseung"

niki thought for a bit and it sorta made sense. sunghoon would always offer to get lunch for jake who would end up disappearing with heeseung for lunch hookups leaving sunghoon with one wasted meal and after that ended sunghoon tried talking to jake who wouldn't even give him the time of day.

"sunghoon does likes jake." niki said with a little joy laced in his voice as his brain connected the dots "there was one time i overheard the two talking and–"

"jakey my mom asked me to invite you to my competition on saturday" sunghoon pulled out a pair of tickets "and  whoever you want to bring along"

"i'm sorry hoon–ah i'm actually busy and i don't got money for that"

"it's on me jakey don't worry"

jake stood there not knowing what to say until some random dude came and kissed jake on the cheek.

"oh–that kind of busy"

"yeah...." jake stood there awkwardly scrtching his head while his hookup was getting impatient " well see you later hoonie" jake ruffled his hair and left a bummed out sunghoon standing in an empty classroom with two useless tickets.

"that still doesn't explain why he would lie to sunoo about you" gen tried looking for answers as much as she could.

"maybe he's some sort of psycho who can't get over a heartbreak" niki simply said and gen hit him on his shoulder.

"ouch! i got enough slaps for today okay?" niki pouted caressing his arm.

"you're a psycho who can't get over sunoo even though he denied you like a zillion times' gen replied leaving niki speechless because as much as he would hate to admit she was right.

"hold up! i've got an idea!" gen smirked and niki was lowkey scared of the outcome of whatever this was going to be.


"something's not right with those two" jay said skeptically eyeing sunoo.

"what? I'm not the center of every problem here you know?" sunoo argued back giving jay and equally judgy look.

"sure you aren't" jungwon chimed in and sunoo huffed leaving a pout on his lips, his eyebrows creased still in worry about sunghoon but more of niki.

he didn't mean to hit the boy but how could he punch sunghoon? sunghoon was right about niki after all.

"what's up with grumpy #1 and #2" jay looked at the two grandpa's slouched down looking awkward as hell.

"i'm fine! you should probably ask that grumpy. he's butthurt about missing his fuck–date with new guy on the football team"

"at least he doesn't catch feelings during hookups"

"you lead me on!"

"i did not! you got it all in your head!"

heeseung was taken aback by jake's words. was it all in his head? was jake asking for dates and cuddles after sex all in his head? those smiles and secret stares was all in his head?

"where you going?" jay asked heeseung who stood.

"to a mental hospital because apparently i'm crazy"

jay let out a snort at the remark and jungwon tapped him to shut him up. jake just rolled his eyes and pretended to sleep.

"give sunghoon my condolences" heeseung finally said and then left.

"condolences for a punch?" jay questioned and jungwon just sighed at jay's stupidity.

a/n: long update! yay <3

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