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"this is a terrible idea"

sunghoon was tired with sunoo wanting to play cupid every goddamn year. valentine's day was approaching and sunoo offered to have a parade where students go up on a float and throw random gifts to people they love.

sunoo loved the idea of something grand and cute. couples are the sweetest thing and love is for everyone...but himself.

"no! bad idea! your puppy eyes aren't fooling anyone this time, sun"

sunoo plopped back into his chair with a pout decorating his face. sunghoon paid no mind to him as he was being childish as usual.

"yo, what's going guys" heeseung pulled up a chair looking at the obviously distraught boy.

"cupid here wants to have a parade similar to the one last year"

"oh no no no" heeseung immediately denied making sunoo whine in agony "last year too many couples got cheated on because of your silly idea"

"not my fault they wrote their names on the gifts. what a bunch of dumbasses" sunoo defended himself still clearly upset from his friends 'poor judgement of love'

"hey, sun what's with the-" jake was stopped by an intense glare from heeseung signaling him to not say a word.

"ahaha so...it's valentine's this week, any plans?" heeseung mentally face palmed himself from jake's stupidity.

"i HAD plans until some people decide it was a dumb idea" sunoo glared at the two sitting across him, stretching on his words.

"uhhh" jake scratched his head "well i'm going on a double date with niki and some chick, he told me to invite you"

sunoo visibly tensed at the name riki and the word 'date' together. there is no way he's going to face riki alone especially with jake and some girl he doesn't even know.

"you don't have to come you know" jake added seeing sunoo's stressed face "i could always tell ri-"

"i'll go!"

no fucking way.

"i volunteer to go in place of sunoo" heeseung stood up with a small smile on his face "i have no plans on valentine's day anyway"

"you? mr.rizzeung? has no plans? shocking!" jake faked his surprise, looking at him skeptically trying to avoid the stare he felt on him making his cheeks burn red.

"he's lying, he could if he wanted to but he refuses to. you know, today his locker was swarmed with love letters"

"okayyy" heeseung shot sunghoon a deadly glare "that's enough"

"hoonie's right. go make plans if you want to i'll take sunghoon with me instead"

"sorry dude no can do my mom and dad are going out so i'm stuck babysitting my little sister"

sunoo didn't know why but he felt a little relieved sunghoon didn't have a date for valentine's.

"perfect! it's settled then i'll go" heeseung shoved his hands into his pocket with a proud smirk on his face.

"but i don't want-"

"can y'all shut it! fine i'll go" sunoo interrupted, avoiding a future scuffle between the two again.

heeseung frowned at this. he was excited to show jake how much he's changed and maybe the latter would soften up to him a little.

"YAY!" jake kissed sunoo on the cheek and hugged him tightly "you're the best sun!" he didn't even know why he was this happy, maybe it's because he doesn't have to put up with heeseung in a date like setting.

"see you at my grandma's restaurant at 6" jake smiled at turned around to be met almost face to face with a dark haired boy.

"niki! oh boy! you scared me!" jake panted a little from the surprise. niki ignored him and let his eyes fall on sunoo who was already staring at him, immediately looking away as niki's eyes met his.

god he's stunning.

a/n: hey lovelies, i've been ia for quite sometime and i'm finally posting this chapter. this was a draft i was working on for the week of valentine's so please excuse the very late posting. hope you enjoy <3

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