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niki lay on his bed, covered from head to toe in his tiger-printed blanket thinkimg back to the shit-show that went down today.

sunoo would eat his guts if anything for what he did to sunghoon but even now niki feels not a sense of regret for what happened.

"that two timimg fuck-"


niki lazily reached for his phone that rested on the floor carpet below him.

"beeep you have reached the voicemail of nishimura riki who's too fucked up right now to get back to you so please leave a message after the bep or don't. beeeee-" niki's fake voicemail was cut short by a very soft and low voice.

"wait, don't hang up, please?" it was sunoo, the love of his live aka his crush since well an obsessively unhealthy number of years.

"sun? is that you or am i hallucinating into a sober-drunk state"

"what even is that? and no it's me" niki rolled off his bed after that not realizing he was on the edge of it.


no answer.


still no answer.

"riki i swear to god you better answer me-"

"i'm alive- i think?" niki picked up is phone rubbing his head that made impact with his nightstand.

"thank god!" sunoo sighed in relief over the other end.

"aww someone cared about me?" niki couldnt help but make snark remark. cant blame him old habits die hard.

"shut up, i'm still mad at you for what you did to sunghoon" sunoo's grumble over the phone was nothing less than cute to niki that he didnt give a shit about what sunoo just said.

"is THE sunoo holding a grudge right now?" niki laughed at the thought of sunoo angry's pout that he's seen countless of times and each time it just gets more adorable.

"yes, and this is not a laughing matter riki  i'm serious!" sunoo rebutted. niki knew he was but he needed a laugh right now.

"alriiight then grumpy pants, why'd you call me?"

"look out your window"

niki looked at his half opened window and then back to his phone," ain't no way dude i heard some creepy ass shit about a dancing lady so i'm good"

"oh for fucks sake niki grow up and just look out the window!" niki smiled at how riled up sunoo got with him even for the littlest of things, it really gives future husband vibes.

as per sunoo's orders niki got his butt off his carpet and headed to the window. he looked outside and saw nothing but an empty street and the neighbours daughter sneaking in through the window.

"what am i looking for now? a shooting star?" niki raised his head to the sky and he wouldn't deny it was breathtaking.

for a moment the cold breaze on his skin and the sound of crickets chirping outside made him feel...calm?

"no dimwit! lower your gaze" niki got taken out of his hippy trance by what he would describe as an 'angelic' voice.

casting his eyes on the front lawn of his house there wasn't nothing much apart from his grandma's mini flower lineup, his bike, a stoned walkway and sunoo.

wait? sunoo?? what the fuck?

niki took a double take and saw the said boy standing right there, phone to his ear, hands clutched his jacket tightly as he waved with a plastered on smile.

"well you gonna come open the door for me or your taking revenge on me too by making me freeze into a coma?"

"ahah n-no i-m coming" niki sprinted across his room and threw on any shirt he found, scrambling down the stairs like a a madman.

he quickly opened the door to be met with the strawberry blonde boy in the cutest cotton sweater and sweats.

"uhhh" sunoo looked at niki's attire with one of his iconic judging faces. niki's shirt was on the wrong side and his hair tousled not to mention he still had his dorky glasses on.

"shit um come in?" niki offered giving sunoo a nervous smile.

you fucking blew your cool rep with sunoo.

"uh i was thinking we could maybe go for a walk?" sunoo suggested niki agreed and excused himself to change properly which only took a second.

"okay so here's my jacket cause you look pale as hell in this cold and some hot chocolate" niki gave to sunoo.

"you did all this in a minute?"

"yup! late days taught me alot" sunoo just nodded and the two proceeded on their stroll

"soo..."niki started after a few secomds of dead silence and the noise of a single car passing by.

"you know you shouldn't have punched sunghoon right?" sunoo cut straight to it taking regular sips of the hot choco.

"i will only if u finally tell me what is so important between you two"

"niki you know i can't" sunoo's now freezing fingertips tap against the cup constantly.

"why?"niki stopped on the middle of the pavement. the streetlight shining down on sunoo who look like he was about to shit himself.

"sun?" niki took a deep breath and rested his hands on sunoo's cold ones.

"it's not a secret anymore how much i like you kim sunoo. like hell everyone at school knows this. you always push me away but there was a time when you actually laughed at my jokes, played mario kart with me for hours on end and then we'd sneak out after nana's asleep to get ice cream sun!"

niki's rant started off calmly but slowly grew to a pleading call. he was letting his emotions get the better of him but right now all he sees is sunoo and his words just spill out of his mouth carelessly.

"fucking hell kim sunoo! I like you so much!"he whispered almost out of breath.

sunoo stood there feet glued to the ground. sure this was like any other time niki has confessed to him but this time felt different despite what sunghoon told him sunoo can't deny but see how true niki is of his feelings.

seeing the dorky boy like this, trying to bring back what memories they had made sunok feel like a total shitbag for how he treated him.

if this was any other moment sunoo would've pushed niki away but in the heat moment he just let his body take over.

the cup fell.

his cold fingertips grabbed niki by his shirt and kissed him right there.

"whoa!" niki fell back two steps after the short kiss.

his face was flushed bright pink under the moonlight. a flood of emotions hit him all at once like...

why did sunoo kiss him?

does this mean sunoo likes him back?

or is it part of his plan with sunghoon to get back at himfor today.

whatever it was he sure as hell loved it.

sunoo dared not look at the boy after that he too was comfused by his actions.

looking down at the spilled cup on the sidewalk sunoo saw niki's figure getting closer...and closer and closer.

his face was lifted up by a finger under his chin and his lips met the cold ones of none other than nishimura riki, his arch nemesis.

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