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"told u what exactly?"

sunoo kept quiet which drove niki insane.

a couple seconds of silence surrounded the both of them but to niki it felt like hours of endless torture.

if curiousity killed a cat then niki would sure be dead right now.

he looked at the older who just kept his head down, leaning against the lockers picking the edge of his notebook.

what's going on in that head of yours kim sunoo? niki wondered.

"godammit sunoo!" niki slammed his hand on the lockers next to sunoo making the boy jump.

"what the fuck did that penguin tell you about me?!" niki demanded not daring to look at sunoo's eyes right now.

he knew one look and he'd opt himself into forgetting this whole mess but he couldn't whatever sunghoon told sunoo seem to be the reason sunoo treats him this way.

He was determined to find out either sunoo spill or sunghoon confesses himself.

"nothing" sunoo mumbled under his breath but niki heard him very clearly.

niki's heart felt heavy. what could be so important that sunoo insists on lying for that idiot he call a friend...park...


the latter was met with an exhausted gen running towards him.

"wassup gen?"

"don't 'wassup gen' me"

"my apologies fairest maiden, how may i be of assistance to you?"

gen snickered at sunghoon's change of voice but immediately her smile was replaced with a serious face.

"you!" she leaned down jabbed her finger into sunghoon's chest despite their height difference at the moment.


"you like jakey don't you?"

sunghoon froze and gen smirked. bingo!

"ahaha i was right!" she announced and sat herself down on the grass beside sunghoon.


"oh shut it. i know you, you're gonna say 'i don't, he likes heeseung blah blah' "

sunghoon cosed his mouth watcgubg gen make duck lips.with her hands as she mocked him.

"i don't like jake"

"even though you told me since we were little-" gen ignored sunghoon words and continued "-that you like sunoo, don't you think it was just an infatuation?"

"no! i mean i liked him since we were in diapers so-" sunghoon got cut off by his very talkative friend.

"6-year old you could be easily infatuated by a cute and easily admired boy"


"but nothing dude! I saw how heartbroken you looked when you found out jake and heeseung were hooking up"

gen stated the obvious. at that time sunghoon looked like someone just ran over his face and it was permanantly deformed into a frown.

"gen i don't...jake is just a really good friend i was only looking out for him" sunghoon defended himself but gen believed none of it and scoffed in response.

"sureee friends who went on multiple dates together"

"friendly hangouts!" he corrected her.

"whatever" she got up and dusted any grass from her jeans "one day you'll notice it was too late"

"wait...don't you like him?"

"eh" she shrugged " he's hot but australian's aren't my type-oh niki hi"

she waved at the latter but he walked straight past her and stormed towards sunghoon who looked equally as confused as her.

niki dragged him up by his collar and sunghoon never saw niki so mad

"tell me asshole"

sunghoon gave him a quizzled looked "oh don't act so innocent, sunoo told me"

sunghoon's face shifted into a smirk then back to an offended and confused look as gen approached them.

"niki let go of hoon i'm sure you can talk this out" gen was surprisingly calm.

niki released his grip on sunghoon and he swore a glint shimmered in his eye behind all that facade.

"ask him! he's been lying to sunoo filling his head with crap about me"

gen couldn't believe that but then again it seemed possible from how persistent sunghoon was on liking the boy.

"look let's not jump into conclusions and talk this out"

at this point niki wanted to punch that cocky smirk of sunghoon's face....

...and that he did

a/n: apologies for the delay on the previous chapter but thank you so much for all your love and suppport it means so much <3

ps: sunghoon being tbe bad guy was totally accidental so apologies to all sunghoon, jakehoon and sunsun stans reading this.

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