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skipping class was never on niki's agenda. the boy was top of his classes and practically a nerd as everyone knew but the heavy feeling in his heart weighed him down to his mattress all week.

his phone was shut off to avoid texts and calls from his friends. he knew with one 'hi' they would read him like a book.

"riki, my child eat something please" his nana opened the door and begged him. throughout the week niki barely ate and his grandma could tell by the pale look on his face.

"i'm fine nana, not really hungry" he wasn't lying. his emotions were eating him up that food was not something that seemed endearing right now.

his grandma set the plate of fruit on the nightstand and sat on the bed letting her hand fall on niki's hair.

"what's wrong?" she asked the question she echoed multiple times each day and with every time niki would stay in complete silence.

it's not unlikely for niki to completely shut out when something happens but his nana also knows that this kid doesn't breakdown over any and everything.

the last time he was in such a messy state was when his parents left him here without any goodbyes.

"please eat some fruit, it will help you feel nourished" she patted his head once more. 

walking out teh door she looked back again at the boy on the bed and a tear slipped from her eye.


lunch got progressively awkward with the group with each passing day of niki's absence.

after the whole 'niki punching sunghoon' fiasco everyone had mixed views on it. so it started off with a lot of bickering until none of them decided to talk.

"nuh–uh, no way am i letting my friends break up over some petty shit. would someone care to tell me why the fuck niki punched sunghoon" 

being the outspoken one was really exhausting for jungwon. this time he was gonna get to the bottom of their unsolved problems that never seemed to end and has gone way to far.

unfortunately, no one responded "seriously jay? you fo all people are silent too?" jungwon looked to jay who sat munching on a chicken leg.

"don't come at me, you now very well i'm not involved in any of their traumatic shit" jay truthfully spoke.

"and?" gen spoke up, taking jungwon's side "you guys are friends, stick with each other through thick and thin"

"hate to burst your bubble girl but this ain't some sappy movie you're in" heeseung's opinion really dampened gen's mood but she wasn't so weak.

"exactly it isn't so tell me why all of you are acting all high and mighty and not at niki's house right now?" she didn't even realized she was shouting until she heard snickers from a few girls behind her.

"gen's right guys, come on we're supposed to look out for niki" jungwon continued her speech and gave her a tight lipped smile to which she returned.

"then why don't you two go and leave us out of it. riki would get over it one day "sunghoon joined in and gen was infuriated with her friend.

"hoon? really?" her gaze on him read nothing but disappointment "then care to tell us why niki punched you? the boy's not mentally insane so spill now!"

sunghoon scoffed and got up from his chair looking straight into gen's eyes "maybe he is mentally disturbed" and he left.

sunoo started digging the sides of his nails now. his conscience eating him alive from their last interaction.

he honestly felt bad for niki but it's a mere rejection niki should know better. everyone goes through heartbreaks so he should be fine.

"anyone else accompanying jungwon and i to visit niki?"

dead silence.

"whatever, forget i asked" she got up and left leaving jungwon in an awkward state.

gen dumped her lunch in the bin and ran in the direction sunghoon left. she saw him sitting on the staircase.


the boy took one look at her and got up to leave until she grabbed him by his collar "we need to talk seriously.

"no i have nothing to say" 

"oh trust me i'm sure you do" she corrected him. sunghoon gave up and sat back down with gen.

"first of all, i know damn well niki had a right to punch you now what did you do?" she questioned him. 

sunghoon had always been afraid of this side of gen and today she was even scarier which was part of the reason he left the cafeteria.



"ow what the fuck gen" sunghoon cursed at her but gen paid no mind to that.

"what–" she placed her hand on sunghoon's thigh "did–" she started twisting it harder after every word "you tell–"

"ouch! fine!" sunghoon gave up he's sure his skin ripped from his thigh at that point.

"okayyy i don't got all day y'know"

"it was just an incident long ago no biggie" sunghoon brushed it off hoping gen would leave him alone but she didn't budge.

"i blamed niki for something i did i took credit for what he did to solve it"

a/n:this chapter was a bit messy still love u guys <3

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