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"and he tickled him"

"tickled him??" jungwon gasped in shock, covering his mouth.

jake, gen and jungwon was in the kitchen gossiping as they made lunch while the other three sat watching a  football match.

sunoo was upstairs unpacking his things.

earlier gen claimed the single bed room and now sunoo is stuck in a room with niki.

"jake hyung~" sunoo whined as he entered the kitchen "please switch rooms with me"

sunoo wrapped his arm over jake's and jungwon snorted at sunoo's hopefull request.

"sun, chances of heeseung leaving jake's side is low, like very low, almost none." jungwon spoke truthfully to which jake blushed

"low but never zero"

"if you're so desperate you cam sleep with me" jungwon suggested

gen nudged jungwon's shoulder signalling him to shut up but before jungwomln could correct himself jay shouted from the living room.

"uh no can do, i like that room"

"then you can sleep with jay, sun, i'll take your room" jungwon was playing around. he knew jay wanted to room with him.

"no! i mean- sun, niki would be delighted to have you" jay nervously answered.

"no i won't" niki replied nonchantly.

sunoo sighed and stormed upstairs.

later that night, sunoo took a shower and went to bed hoplping to get a good sleep in to enjoy tomorrow.

oh well...allngood things don't last. few minutes after niki walked in, throwing everythimg everywhere then turned on his gaming console and the noise began.

it drove sunoo crazy, he could tolerate noise while sleeping but niki was being extra loud and annoying.

a pillow covering his ears did nothing, sounds of shootimg and niki's victory cheers just got louder.

sunoo finally had it and threw his pillow at niki making his console fall to the dloor.

"what's your problem?" niki turned to look at a tired sunoo after he lost.

sunoo's lips pouted that made niki want to kiss him, his auburn hair falling over his pretty eyes and his face a bit red, probably from turning and tossing.

"you" sunoo answered, his eyelids fell slowly as he enjoyed the silence.

niki brushed off his weird thought, picked up his consope and continued playing.

the moment the starting music blared through the room, sunoo shot up from his half sleeping state.

"riki!" he yelled "turn that off"


niki turned the game off. sunoo was shocked how quickly niki listened.

"great! now i can't fall back asleep!"

sunoo complained and niki gestered him to come sit on his bed.

and surpringly sunoo did.

"what now-"

"shh" niki whispered "close your eyes"

"huh? no i-"

"just trust me"

sunoo sighed and closed his eyes shut, trying to peak at any chance he got but niki was quick to cover it back with his hands


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