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"chemistry is by far the worst subject"

"i agree. why do we have to learn about making salts when i could just buy them at the store" niki complained in agony to his lab partner, sunghoon.

they were currently setting up for an experiemt that is worth 40% of their final grade.

"so park sunghoon my bro, i'll give you five dollars if you fo everything" niki jokingly bafted his lashed and sunghoon elbowed him.

"nice try niki now pass me the 100ml beaker" sunghoon was already putting things in place while the teacher wrote the instructions on the board.

"okay guys listen up!" mr.jung put his chalk down and stood in front of his desk "this experiment is worth 40% of your grade so please work diligently with your partners"

"mr.jung can i switch partners?" niki asked just to tease sunghoon.

"is something wrong with your current lab partner, nishimura?"

"uh well no but i would much rather work with a more sensible person" niki opted and sunghoon just sighed and continued his setup.

"like whom?" mr.jung questioned. niki scanned the room and his eyes landed on a cute boy.

"sunoo sir"

"hahah very funny. mr park is delighted to keep you as his partner" mr jung laughed, everyone even the staff knew of niki's crush on sunoo.

sunghoon snickered at niki's failed attempt earning a kick from him under the table.

"worth a try i guess" niki sighed and began setting up the burner.

"low heat riki or it can explode" sunghoon warnd him while finishing up the measurements.

"roger that captain" niki saluted and turned the burner on at low heat.

"oh shit!"

sunghoom turned quickly thinking something went wrong but niki was just bouncing up and down.

"i gotta pee bad, be right back" niki ran off to the washroom.

sunghoon shook his head and sat waiting for further instructions.

"hoon" sunoo walked up him "we ran out of nitric acid, do you guys have any left to spare?"

sunoo batted his pretty eyelashes as he spoke to sunghoon. the boy was mesmerized to say the least.

sunghoon had a crush on sunoo since the beginning of their high school days but decided not to say anything after niki comfessed his love multiple times.

"hoon?" sunoo waved his hands to get sunghoon's attention.

"o-oh yes um here" sunghoon handed him a beaker filled with the solution.

"thank you hoonie" sunoo smiled brightly and sunghoon was done for.


"niki! hey, i just came to-"

"see me?" niki flirted and sunoo rolled his eyes. ofcourse...sunoo never get to finish his sentences without niki flirtatious remarks.

"nitric acid niki, now sit" sunghoon pulled him down by his coat.

"bye cutie" niki ruffled sunoo's hair and the boy's face turned a heavy shade of pink before waving and going back to his lab partner, heeseung.

sunghoon looked at the two wondering if sunoo likes niki back, if not then sunghoon has a chance.

he's your friend hoon, you can't like your friend's crush.

"you all may begin, you have one hour to do the experiment  write up your results and why you obtained such results" mr. jung announced.

30 minutes later into the experiment sunghoon noticed their experiment was taking hella long. even jungwon and jay finished before them.

niki was busy taking note of everything in his notepad.

sunghoon started getting a bit stressed at this point and decided to raise the heat of the burner just a little to improve the experiment.

as he turned tbe burner it got stuck and the flames were high.

sunghoon panicked trying to turjmn it down but the burner was faulty.

"hoon maybe we should add more- what the fuck? TURN IT DOWN!" niki shouted drawing everyone's attention.

the flask that was heating suddenly exploded and both sunghoon  and niki ran out of there avoiding the shattering glass.

mr.jung tried opening the fire extinguisher but it wouldn't budge. he threw it to the floor and looked at the panicked kids.

"okay don't panick kids, form an orderly line and head to the courtyard" mr.jung annouced and rang the fire bell to evacuate the entire school.

everyone sped out the class despite mr. jung's pleads of an orderly line.

sunhoon and niki were the last to get out but niki turned his back to see sunoo fainted on his desk.

"sun?!" niki shouted and mr. jung followed niki's gaze as smoke engulfed them.

sunghoon was stilk in the classroom and closer to sunoo while niki stood at the door.

niki looked at sunghoon desperately silently telling him to take sunoo out of there but sunghoon ran past him and into the hallway.

"c'mon niki we won't make it" sunghoon tugged on his arm as chemicals started blowing up.

"sunoo will die hoon! you could've saved him!" niki scream filled with panick, fear and frustration. the thought of losing sunoo drove niki insane.

"niki out now! we can't go in there now! the firefighters will be here soon" mr.jung coughed through his words

niki ignored them and ran through the classroom that wasn't burnt by the fire yet.

lab materials blew up and glass shattered everywhere, experimented went up in flames causing the fire to spread.

niki wasn't strong but he managed to lift sunoo's arm and drag him out of there as fast as he could.

"i'm not losing you, sun"

he reached the hallway where sunghoon stood frozen, looking guilty.

"fucking park help me" niki cried. sunghoon listened and  took sunoo's arm and placed it on his shoulder as they carried him out of the school.

they placed sunoo on the grass where the nurse gave him the medical attention  he needed.

niki desperately watched sunoo's every move until the boy was awake but as soon as he went to talk to him he was called by the principal.

sunoo took this opportunity to check up on sunoo who was still being treated.

"sunoo, are you okay?" sunghoon asked the dumbest question.

"mhm" sunoo asd weakly " w-who saved me"

sunghoom was about to say niki but the words that slipped out of his mouth was the opposite.

"me, i did. niki ran out and left you"

a/n: little backstory to clear up your confusion on what sunghoon did (still love him though)

also i know alot of you waited for this chapter and my apologies i was super busy the past day. <3

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