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gen watched the boy scrible nonsense it to his notes as he got frustrated with her nagging.

"give him a chance"

"weren't you the one telling me not too?" niki tsked, ripped the page of his book, aiming to throw it in the bin but it hit a student walking in.


niki quickly averted his eyes making gen pinched his arm.

"he's right there, hear him out please"

niki pretended not to hear and continued decorating his notes with coloured pens, highlighters, sticky notes.

"nikiii" gen whined this time and niki slammed his book shut.

"i'm sorry gen, but i'm not talking to him. i don't care if you give me a hundred dollars. sunoo hurt me gen. i was crying for days! i fucked up my assignments for him, that boy who turned on me and humiliated me multiple times after i confessed!" niki was shouting and everyome who was present there heard him...even sunoo.

"niki" gen held his hand to calm him down.

"no, my word is final. i'm done wasting my time on someone who doesn't have the decency to not play with my feelings"

with that niki left the class. skipping one lecture won't hurt him, he's already ahead.

backpack in his hand, niki exited the class and was stopped when none other than park sunghoon called his name.

niki's fists balled up in fury. he was already fumimg from his conversation with gen.

he's tried his best to rebound back and he won't admit when he says he's not completely over sunoo yet but he's not letting all those sleepless nights of crying and changing himself back go to waste.

right now his studies were all that helped him.


the said boy stopped in his tracks as sunghoon approached him to look him in the face.

"look, i've been a shitty ass friend and i don't expect you to talk to me but sun had no part in this. it was all me" sunghoon let out with a heavy heart as he comfessed, ready for niki to punch him or argue back but the younger said nothing.

sunghoon could see he was angry but who knows when he'll get a chance to talk to him.

"i um made him believe i saved him out of the fire back in highschool"

niki's eyes met sunghoon's cold ones. sunghoon won't lie niki's eyes could turn red any moment.

"you-fucking asshole" niki grabbed him by the color and slammed him against the wall.

classes already started so no one was around to witness the scene.

sunghoon wimced when his back came into contact with the wall, he sure there was a hruise there.

"you saved him?" niki laughed and sunghoon genuinely got scared "a coward like you could never save anyone!"

"i-i know and i'm sorry niki i-"

niki was infuriated, he raised his fist that landed straight on sunghoon's face.

sumghoon groames and covered his face. niki was surprisingly strong

"what's going on over there!" it was the baisic health and sciences teacher. she squealed when she saw niki hit sunghoon and ran over to them.

"mr.nishimura!" she scolded and ran over to sunghoon who's hand was now covered in some blood.

"follow me both of you"


"suspension? principal-nim please i can't do that" niki was in the principle office now with sunghoon whom had a frozen peas pack on his bruised face.

"sir it really wasn't his fault-"

"so tell me then mr. park? did you punch yourself and got that bruise" the principal questioned and sunghoon was at a loss of words.

"it's fine, don't need to cover for me i will take my suspension"

niki walked out the principle office feeling tired and extremely fucked up mentally and having the sntire friend group even sunoo, watching sunghoon in pity just made it worse.

"wait, niki" gen tried calling him but he brushed her off and walked down the hall.

"let him be for now" heeseung told her, seeing as she was about to run after him.

sunghoon stood there feeling a pile of guikt trickle through his body.

i'll pay for what i did to you, niki

a/n: filler chapter guys. apologies fpr the lack of sunki rebonding

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