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"you need to move on"

sitting at the table.seeimg niki eat his heart out made gen feel infuriated at what happened.

"i can't" niki voice was laced with the say desperation whenever that question was asked

"yes, you can" gen persisted, nibbling down on a half eaten strawberry.

"gen i told you guys i liked sun for years it's impossible" niki cried out, pushing his ice cream to the middle off the table "i don't want that anymore"

gen sighed "have you even tried to move on?"

"nope he hasn't"

"shut it jay nobody asked you" jake side eyed him and returned his attention to niki.

"nobody told you fuck around when heeseung clearly loves you but there you are" jay rebutted with such ease and simplicity as if what he just said didnt affect anyone's feelings in the room.

"that's it" jungwon stood up before jake could respond and took the tape from the cabinet, tearing it off with his teeth and putting it over jay's mouth.

"okay guys my bad" jungwom apologized "continue" he ignored jay's protesting muffles.

everyone knows that jay can easily take the tape off with his hands but they also know jungwon did it so jay won't object.

"uhhh is that normal?" gen asked jake and heeseung who shrugged in response.

"yup, jay's a chatterbox so this isn't the first time this " he gestured at jay "happened"

gen let out a simple 'ohh' focussing on niki again.

"you really haven't?" a pained expression was painted on her face.

"no shit, jay just ratted him out" jake inputted and jungwon pulled the tape up to threaten jake who shut up instantly.

"not even heeseung hyung can save you this time" jungwon smiled.

gen ignored them "you have a make-up class for one of your subjects tomorrow, its about your assignment so please dont be late"

"fine" at this point niki agreed wth gen because its no point in arguing with her, in the end she always has her way.

"good now where's your grandma i'd love to meet her"


"ugh why is niki sooo uggg" sunoo's face was red and his hands curl slowly in frustration.

"like he says he hates me then confesses to me and now suddenly i'm the bad guy!"


"shut up, hoon i'm not in the mood!" sunoo snapped at the boy "you're the only one who gets me, you even saved me when niki didn't"

"sun listen i-"

"he just stood there while i was unconscious and didn't do anything! you even said he was the closest one who could've saved me"

"sun please li-"

"that idiot and to think i liked him before that incident! he even punched you for no reason at all" sunoo was mad, mad like crazy mad. his face got redder has he ranted on, not caring for the couple of stares he got from people passing by.

"sun!" sunghoon spoke an octave higher makimg sunoo shut up for a second and look at him.

with sunoo's eyes focussed on him, sunghoon got even more nervous. the guilt eating him alive, wanting to tell sunoo the truth and he should.

"sunoo that day of the fire in school i didn-"

"sunghoon you love me, right?" sunghoon eyes quickly met sunoo's in shock.

the boy looked deep in thought and sunghoon realized he wasn't even listening.

"i-" sunghoon felt conflicted he has always loved sunoo...always.

"you don't like sunoo, its an infatuation, hoon"

remembering gen's words made him reconsider what he was about to say.

unlike niki sunghoon never onced professed his love for the boy.

niki is his friend or was so should he? nahh he shouldn't do it.

"i-well- i do"

"good" sunoo took sunghoon's hand in his. "let's make it official then, hoon"

sunghoon was honestly terrified of sunoo's mood changes. two seconds ago he was fuming with anger and now he was a
smiling the brightest smile anyone could imagine.

"sure" he responded thinking to himself.

'oh fuck, what did i just do'

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