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sunoo knew going on this date was a bad idea. after that kiss they shared he himself don't know how niki could still have the courage to even look at him again.

"this is the nicest i've ever seen you dressed sun" heeseung walked in adding the compliment. sunoo smiled to himself and shot heeseung a playful glare.

"i'm always dressed nicely" he straightened his blouse and fixed a few strands of his hair...anything but perfect...he thought.

heeseung laughed and seated himself on sunoo's bed. sunoo sighed and faced the latter who was now sprawled across the bed looking hopelessly up at the ceiling.

sunoo knew why but he didn't dare say a word...heeseung should be the one going on this valentine date not him. sunoo can make up a million excuses but none of it would make up for how he betrayed his friend.

"seung, i-"

"it's fine sun. i didn't wanna go anyway" 

lies...lies...lies heeseung's voice was laced with sorrow and regret. sunoo blamed himself for every bit of it that was until the silence was broken again.

"spoke to niki..." the mention of that name sent goosebumps at the back of sunoo's neck like a small wind just blew in and the realization of what happened bewteen him and his once sworn enemy dawned upon him once again.

"...a pretty chick wanted this date with jakey" sunoo didn't know how to feel after hearing that. 

anger? niki betrayed his friend...sad? hearing heeseung call jake's name or guilty? for letting this happen.

heeseung shuffled around the bed, burying his face into sunoo's pillow. the pink haired boy would usually scold anyone who did this but now wasn't the time.

"i'm not going" sunoo declared sitting beside heeseung who shook his head in response "seung, i'm not going to support something that will break my dearest friend's heart"

heeseung lifted his head, eyes a bit red and hair ruffled up "jake's a free guy sunoo, who am i to tell him not to date her or anyone for that fact? this is all my fault, i broke the one rule that jake set for us 'don't fall for each other' "

"in your defense, you didn't plan on having feelings for him. from what i saw this was more than just an arrangement. you two skipped class everyday-"

"that doesn't count" 

"well you guys always went on dates and movies...yes! movies! you guys always went to the movies like every weekend"

"sun!" heeseung groaned "that doesn't count there was no special moment for him, none of it was special to him!"

"but-" sunoo was cut off by his phone ringing, one look at the contact id and heeseung got up pushing sunoo out the door.

"just go and have fun i'll be fine!" heeseung managed to push the older out into the hallway and shut the door.

"aish...this is my room" sunoo shook his head in disbelief and walked off in worry.


the minute he arrived at the restaurant his eyes darted to search for a particular boy. to his luck he found him alone at the far corner of the restaurant talking to jake's grandmother.

"riki!" sunoo shouted from all the built up frustration and mental crisis he had on the way here because of this boy.

niki gave sunoo a gesture to jake's grandmother who was startled by sunoo's sudden outburst "oh hello" sunoo quickly greeted politely to which she responded.

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