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a couple weeks went by and niki slowly started accepting the fact that sunoo will never see him as anything, not even a friend.

given everything that happened after their group split. sunghoon and sunoo distanced themselves from the others.

they shared short glances on their way to class but never spoke.

niki won't lie if he said he's wasted all his years loving sunoo only for it to be in vain.

"yo, riki my man" jake came up behind him as he was walking to his last class before summer break.

niki hummed in response and jake wasn't having hidls silence, not today.

"we're going on a trip to the beach this summer, you coming?"


"yes? perfect! jay said he's paying for everything so don't worry too much" jake ruffled the boy's blonde hair.

he dyed his hair back to the color it was before. if sunoo didnt like him then there was no need to change his style.

"jay's paying but you're rich too?" niki looked at him skeptically.

"when life gives you a free jay friend you take it" jake smiled.

"jaeyun-ah" heeseung called and jake shot a wink at him as they passed the basketball court.

the pair didn't exactly work out their relationship but they confessed their feelings and decided to see where it takes them.

"glad to see those wrinkles and bags under your eyes disappearing" jake smiled, he felt like a proud mother.

niki laughed and waved goodbye to jake, heading into his class. without sunoo in his life he felt odd but somehow at peace with everything that happened.

"shit-sorry" niki bumped into someone making their books fall to the floor. he quickly apologized and helped to pick it up.

"it's fine i should have looked where i wa- niki??"

"sun? i mean, sunoo?" niki quickly corrected himself, giving sunoo his books back trying his best not to make eye contact and walk away.

"niki, wait...please?" sunoo begged. niki's heart begged him to continue walk but his felt stuck to the floor.

sunoo let out a sigh of relief "niki, i'm sorry" sunoo looked down, nipping his fingers at the edge of his books.

"ok, is that all?  cool. bye." niki said in the most nonchalant voice he could muster up.

"no, wait!" sunoo stopped him again and niki cursed himself for listening.

"want to join me for dinner tonight? my treat?"

"i have plans"

"it'll only be an hour, i promise" sunoo seemed determined and niki dare not look.at his face or else he'll fall down the rabbit hole again.

as much as niki wanted to object, he sighed and gave a small nod.

"oh goody!" sunoo.jumped in excitement "i'll see you at my place at 6." he informed and muttered a quick 'thank you' to niki again and went his wat.

the moment he left, niki let out a huge breath he didn't know was holding it the entire time.


"dinner?! nishimura what the fuck?" gen cursed him and niki looled at her apologetically.

"i didn't mean to, he was really persuasive" niki lied.

"persuasive how? one toothy smile and you agreed?"


one 'please' and a pair of foxy eyes staring him and he agreed.

"you're a handful riki" gen sighed and jungwon just hummed in response, typing into his phone.

"it's your choice but i'm telling you, niki if he pulls some shit my phone is on. always" gen comforted him, sort of.


standing outside waiting for sunoo to open the door brought alot of emotions on niki.

he contemplated multiple times to run away and tell sunoo he was sick but no he needed to prove he was over sunoo and everything.

so here he is after two rings the door opened.

"niki? you're here, come in"

park fucking sunghoon. niki should've guessed that this was a set up.

he was in no mood to be a third wheel.

"uh actu-"

"niki?" sunoo's mom peeked from sunghoon's side, pushing him aside to get to niki.

"oh my my you have gotten so big" she pincched his cheeks, showering him with compliments.

niki didnt mind it one bit, mrs. kim was like this a couple years ago too.

she was an amazing mother.

"come in, its cold outside. my son is waiting for you" she let him in and took him to the table leaving sunghoon trailing behind.

niki entered the kitchen to see sunoo at the stove, cooking.

that's a first .  he thought to himself.

"so niki, how's school? sunoo said your the smartest student at uni?" she smiled as thry sat around the kitchen island.

"haha i'm not THAT smart" he laughed it off and she continued on about how he has grown so much.

as she talked niki saw at the corner of his eye sunghoon and sunoo having a very intense comversation as he stirred the pot.

niki must have been staring for too long because sunoo eyes caught his and so did sunghoon's.

the moment they met eyes sunghoon quickly faced sunoo and continued talking.

niki wished he could just leave right now.

"and you two were so cute! i still have the pictures!"

"mom, foods ready!" sunoo announced, she gave niki one last smile and went to help her son.

sunghoon joined niki at the table, it was awkward to say the least.

niki didnt hate sunghoon, he had no reason to anymore.

"tada" sunoo's mom came in with different dishes "my son insisted on making dinner tonight so you all enjoy" she smiled brightly.

niki watched as all, well most, of his favorote dishes were set on the table.

sunoo finally came out. niki subconsciously looked at sunoo who returned the look immediately.

niki quickly avertrd his eyes and looked to sunoo's mom.

"thank you, it looks delicious" he smiled at her but she shook her head in denial.

"thank my son not me"

niki froze up. in that moment sunoo took a seat next to him

"uh thanks sunoo" niki scratched his head and smiled awkwardly, looking down at the empty plate.

"let's dig in, shall we?"

a couple minutes into the dinner the atmosphere felt more relaxing with sunoo's mom constant chatting.

niki was fully engrossed in her tales of sunoo's dad and her love story.

oh how he wished his and sunoo's went as smoothed.

in the middle of her talking about how she ghosted him on their first date, niki felt a tap on his leg.

he looked down, ears still focused on the story only to see sunoo's phone on his lap with the words.

'can we talk after this, please? privately'


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