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after dinner niki tried his best to be distracted. listening to sunoo's mom was not enough.

sunoo kept kicking his leg, his eyes pleading niki to excuse himself but the boy was scared.

scared? he should already be over sunoo so a simple talk won't do anything.

but niki knew better than that. a simple talk with sunoo might just make him start this bullshit he tried to get out of for so many weeks.

every 5 minutes sunoo would clear his throat or kick niki to get his attention but the blonde wasn't having it.

his face remained as cold as stone as he listened to mrs. kim.

niki even started askin her alot of question whenever sunoo opened his mouth to call his name.

as time went by sunoo got frustrated, his ears turned red and he look like he wanted to cry.

sunghoon on the other side of the table, noticed this. infact he was only looking at sunoo since they finishrd eating.

he was no idiot to notice how niki would react and he guessed quickly what sunoo's plan was.

"ahh mrs. kim, the dishes will rot here, let me help you clean this up" sunghoon offered. his goal was to help sunoo out.

sunoo looked at him with a thankful smile when his mother insisted on helping him too.

this was his chance. finally.

that short bliss didn't last long though when miki's next words made sunoo's stress levels skyrocket.

"i can help too" he offered and began picking up the empty dishes.

sunoo stared at him in disbelief, niki really was trying his best to ignore sunoo.

feeling the pair of saddened eyes on him, niki forced himself to focus on picking up the dishes instead of falling into the temptation that is kim sunoo.

"no dear, you're our guest how can i let you do that" mrs.kim took the dishes from niki who visibly frowned.

"but- sunghoon's a guest too" niki didn't know what he just said but he can't take it back anymore.

"he's here every other day" she said, glaring at sunghoon "but we love him" she ruffled his hair with her empty hand.

"you two chat, i'll get dessert" she smiles and sunghoon followes her into the kitchen giving sunoo a reassuring smile.

the moment the two left the room niki sat on another chair, far from sunoo. he took.out his phone and stared at the screen pretending to be busy.

no way in hell was he going to talk about shit that happened weeks ago.

eventually he opened the groupchat and texted everyone.

《mother teresa and her children》


what the fuck, riki.

i'm in class
mister lee is gonna kill me if he catches me on my phone.

this is important!
sunoo wants to talk.

it's basic human knowledge.

jungwon, shut up.
riki, whatever you do, don't.

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