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niki hasn't been out the rest of the week...

yes, sunoo's words hurt him but his classes were cancelled as well. usually he would still show up to tease the aforementioned but after that night niki couldn't help but realize nothing will ever change between them.

not even his feelings for sunoo.

 in his hand was a photobook where he kept all his memories, it doesn't help that sunoo's face occupied almost every page.

all those memories they had together, sunoo saw it as nothing but a game played between sworn enemies.

niki stopped on a picture of sunoo covered in cake frosting, a small laugh escaping his lips as the memory came back to life...

"sunoo-ssi! look i got you something" a mischievous niki held his hands cusped behind his back.

the oblivious 6 year old sat colouring when niki approached him. sunoo looked up at niki and the boy gave him the brightest smile before smearing his face full of frosting.

"yah niki!" sunoo took some frosting from jay's birthday cake and chased niki around the yard.

the picture was taken by jay's mom who found the two adorable. niki felt a sense of warmth in his stomach at the memory

another page showed sunoo with a pretty flower in his hair posing at different angles. niki remembered that day he first held a camera, they were 12 and stupid as hell.

"riki yah! my arms hurt" sunoo whined and niki tried pressing different buttons on the camera.

"i don't know how this wor-*click* oh got it!" niki smiled at sunoo changed his pose.

niki being niki wanted to use this to his advantage and made sunoo do the craziest poses telling him that he looked great...well to niki he did.

niki closed the book and threw himself into the covers. he couldn't get over the boy and it was not good for him.

he wouldn't dare go on a date with someone to rebound because that never worked before so it won't again.


niki groaned in response as his grandmother entered his room seeing how messy it was. she sat on the edge of his bed and spotted the photo album, taking it into her hands.

"your friend is such a sweetheart" a wrinkly smiled adorned her face as he looked through the pictures.

"we're not nana" niki grumbled under the covers.


"he said it himself nana. we are nothing to each other" niki felt the sting of tears rising.

his grandmother sighed "you sound just like him right now"

niki didn't know what his nana meant but it was probably something horrible.

"nana!" sunoo came running to her and hugged her leg "why riki mean to me?" he whined and cried.

she picked him up and sat him on the kitchen counter "my darling riki? what has he done now?"

"well he-he chased me with a snake and-and spilled dirt all over the new shirt my mummy got me" sunoo cried showing her the stain while telling the story.

his grandmother simply chuckled and sunoo wiped his tears harshly looking at her confused "why are you laughing?" he asked with a pout decorating his red cheeks and teary eyes.

"sunoo, dear, my dearest riki...he likes you" she laughed as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"no no no. riki would never like me! riki hates sunoo. riki tells sunoo mean things and scares sunoo!"

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