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riki saw sunoo there looking ethereal as he usually does. baby blue sweater and washed out jeans.


he checked his phone. 12:25. a few minutes late but no harm done. riki dusted himself one more time and walked towards the latter.

"deary" riki was stopped in his tracks by an old woman in worn out garments. She looked almost homeless holding a bouquet of yellow roses.

"here" she extended her hand with a single rose "for that special someone" riki pitied her and searched for his wallet.

"how much–"

"no cost. free of charge" she cracked a small smile and riki couldn't help but feel sorry for the old lady. he pulled out some lose change he had and offered it to her.

"i couldn't take that young man" she denied it. riki let out a sigh of despair and took the rose from her hand.

"would you like to join my friend and i for lunch?" he offered. it's the least he can do seeing the state of the old woman.

"oh no i couldn't" she once again rejected.

"i insist" riki said and offered for her to walk and she did. riki saw sunoo impatiently tapping his foot as his arms crossed over his chest and a pout coming into view as he got closer.

"is that your friend?" the old woman whispered as she nudged riki's arm. he could only hum in response.

"friend or boyfriend ?" she joked and riki was a bit flustered and taken back by the woman's bluntness.


"you're sweaty and fidgeting" she stated the obvious. riki quickly wiped his sweat and cleared his throat.

"in my day" the old woman began "i saw alot of these things so you can say i am experienced" she chuckled and riki laughed a little.

"sunoo!" riki waved as he got closer. sunoo turned to him with an angry pout but it quickly faded to one of shock. sunoo's face tinted in light hues of pink.

"you're drooling" riki joked and sunoo quickly composed himself seeing the old lady beside him.

sunoo bowed politely and smiled sweetly, giving a secret scowl to riki "you must be riki's grandma. nice to meet y–"

"ah no no!" riki panicked and the old lady laughed leaving so puzzled.

"i am just a mere stranger" she clarified and sunoo got even more confused. he looked at riki. eyebrows knitted together and his pout still evident.

riki wanted to bite his cheeks. they looked so soft, so squishy, chewy and yummy.

"niki!" sunoo snapped his fingers taking riki out of his trance.

"oh i offered her to lunch with us i hope you don't mind" riki smiled and sunoo couldn't object. the first place they went to was the food court.

"order whatever you like" riki spoke kindly to the old lady but was interrupted by the boy in front fo him.

"i'll take a pizza, mozzarella sticks, two cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla, one serving of mochi, oh, and rice cakes and–"

"woah woah! i was talking to her not you. aren't you afraid of getting fat?" riki stopped sunoo, thinking this guy won't stop eating.

"fat = cute and i'm not fat!" sunoo defended himself and riki just shook head making sunoo hit  him with a spoon that was on the table.

"ah!" riki hisses in pain. it barely hit him but it was fun to tease sunoo so he pretended to cover his eye "ouch! it hurts!" he cried out.

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