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niki spent an entire week at home reading magazines, comics, watching the most absurd series.

he got 2 weeks of detention and he's already dreading it.

now he's here in his room playing with a marker.

everyhing that happened that day niki still doesn't regret.

sunghoon deserved it and so did sunoo.

it wasn't his fault.

sunghoon's words replayed in his head. he was right, but sunoo got manipulated easily.

niki sighed and got off his bed, searching for his phone he tossed somehwhere earlier in the week.

his grandma was a bit upset he got suspended but eventually came around.

niki wanted to move on and the only way was to join those dating apps.

finding his phone under a pile of his unwashed clothes making a mental reminder to wash them, he opened a popular dating app, filled out the details and started swiping left on everyone.

ni-ki was bisexual, atleast he thinks he's attracted to girls as well, so here he is looking for a decent relationship.

after an hour he finally got a match. eagerly making a conversation with them, niki got bored.

those 'what's your favorite color' type of questions bore him.

his life was boring. he opened his messages to see tons of messages from the groupchat and each one of his friends checking up on him and at the top of it all was sunoo's message.

'hey' it read. niki didn't care to open the message and threw his phone on the other side of the bed.

he started getting hungry and decided to go downstairs for some snacks then he'll play some games on his computer.

he went downstairs to see his grandma .prepading what he assumed was lunch.

"oh niki! i'm almsot finished with lunch" as soon as she said that the doorbell rang.

"you expecting anyone?" he asked his grandma, who shook her head in denial.

niki reluctantly went to the door and opened it, seeing a strawberry boy standing there with a box of sweets and a stack of papers in his hands.

"niki hi! I-"


niki shut the door in sunoo's face.

"who's that dear?" his grandma asked taking her eyes off the food and looking at niki's petrified state.

"a burglar?!" she panicked holding up a spatula but niki quickky shook his head.

"sunoo" he let out in one breath as if he just ran a mile.

niki's nana sighed and walked towards him.

"you're being silly. move, let him in"

"no" niki shook his head and his nana pushed him aside.

he stopped as soon as her hand touched the door.

"nana you can't" he looked at her with pleading eyes, however she just swatted his hands away and let sunoo in.

she opened the door and niki amost squealed he doesn't want to see sunoo.

"oh hi, nana" he smiled at her "i brought some sweets and niki's notes from his classes, is niki around by chance?"

sunoo took notes for him?

"uh" his grandma didn't know what to say "he's here, come on in"

in that very moment niki felt like throwing up, his nerves reached at an all time high.

"niki?" sunoo spotted him nehind the door as his grandma closed it.

"sunoo uh hi"

"i brought sweets and the notes since finals are in a week" he gave them to niki who put them on the ciunter and thanked sunoo.

they stood there awkwardly for a minute.

"sooo" sunoo began when niki's phone dinged. he quickly pulled out his phone and checked the message.

"uh nana i'm gonna hang out with jay and jungwon hyung" he said.

"but sunoo's your guest, stay-" she didn't get to finish when niki kissed her cheek and sprinted out the door.

she shook her head and sighed "this kid" she looked over at sunoo, who looked disappointed and the minute he looked at her his tears fell.

the rest of the evening she spent comforting him.


"sunoo was at your house?" jay repeated what niki just told them.

"explains why your dressed homeless as fuck" jungwon commented while sipping his shake.

"whatever, you guys saved me. i owe you"

"then pay for our drinks" jungwon suggested but niki was quick to deny

"nah jay's packed with tons of money, i'm good" niki replied and jay made an offended face.


"jake, just a minute, please"

"sunghoon, i'm not supposed to be talking to you" jake and sunghoon stood outside jake's apartment.

sumghoo  arrived at his apartment in hopes of talking to him and kuckiky he found him about to go walk up the staircase of the apartment complex.

"just hear me out please" sunghoon begged and jake sat on the staircase waiting for him tp continue.

"i know i fucked up pretty bad but i'm paying for it, trust me"

"okay?? is that all?"

"no i have something to confess" sunghoon suddenmy got nervous and started fidgeting with his hands.

"look if you fucked up somebody's relationship again then i don't wanna hear it"

"no i didn't, i swear" sunghoon quickly defended himself.

"then what?"

sunghoon took a deep breath and shut his eyes tight.

"i like you"


sunghoon didn't want to open his eyes in fear of seeing jake's reaction but he didn't have to.

in less than a couple seconds after his confession he was spun around and punched straight in the face.

sunghoon didn't have time to register what was going on.

and when he did he saw lee heeseung hovering over him with red knuckles.

"jake and i got a thing going on, you're not gonna get in between us like you did with sunoo and niki" heeseung seethed through his teeth.

"we're not playing your game, hoon" heeseung's eyes were red but hidden in them was a little guilt for what he just did seeing sunghoon's face already bruised before the punch.

sunghoon managed to get up and and face jake who had his face buried intk his hands, not even looking at him.

"look guys i didn't know but-but gen made me realize i didn't love sunoo and i've always had feelings for jake"

sunghoon noticed heeseung was about to throw another punch at him.

"wait wait wait, i will leave. that's all i came to say anyway. see you guys hopefully."

and with that sunghoon left with a bloodied face again.

a/n: next chapter niki will finally talk to sunoo. thank you for being patient.

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