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a/n: image above is gen or a little preview of how she dresses/looks.


"you like who?!"

niki was flabbergasted and shocked at this. the girl before him didn't know what she was getting herself into

let's back track a few steps.

niki, after pondering on it a lot, decided to meet this girl after his class ended. the worse that could have happened was he got kidnaped by some rich mafia.

so reluctantly he went to the field after his classes ended and saw the girl kicking a ball around the field and then shooting it into the net.

when she noticed niki, she picked up the ball and threw it at him.

"for old times sake" she said. niki looked at her confused but took the ball and dribbled it with his feet around her before shooting into the net.

"ah! still good at it"

"i'm sorry but do i know you?" the girl seemed hurt by the statement as she clutched her chest dramatically.

she ran to her bag on the bleachers when he realized niki wasn't kidding. she took out a palm sized photo and gave it too him.

it was their kindergarten days. sunghoon, niki, jake, jungwon and him. gen pointed at a chubby little girl hugging jake's arm like a koala.

"that's me."

"fattie?!" niki blurted out and then shut his mouth realizing his mistake but the girl only laughed and seemed to not mind it.

"yup that's me" she smiled and niki felt sorry for her. she was really sweet back then and still is. she's skinny and light makeup on but she still looked pretty.

"sooo" gen played with the grass, trying to form her words "i called you here to ask you if" she paused and niki brought his ears closer and she bent her head downwards.

"ifjakeslikesanyone" she blurted out and niki stopped for a few seconds to try and process what he just said.

"jakey? you like jake? like sim jaeyun?" niki asked in disbelief and a little amusement thinking she was kidding but seemed as she did not even crack a smile.

niki quickly felt guilty and asked if she was serious to which she agreed, head still to the floor.

heeseung likes jake though. niki thought. he shipped his friends but gen seemed to have liked him a long time now.

"why now?" niki asked looking at her who stared back at the confusing question.


"why did you choose to say this now?"

"i– my parents moved to the US after 7th grade and we recent ally moved back and i saw you guys attended here from your posts so i transferred here" she explained and niki nodded.

"so you don't like sunghoon hyung?" niki asked.

"what?! that penguin looking mf, no" she laughed at niki even thinking she liked hoon.

"soo, can you help me?"

"help you?" niki laughed nervously. he promised heeseung to help him with jake he cant two time the guy.

"pleasee, i'll help you win over sunoo" she suggested and niki looked at her shocked for the nth time.

"y–you know?" niki stumbled upon his words and she laughed.

"who doesn't. you gaped at the boy everyday since i could remember. threw a fit when he wasn't around and cried too"

"okay okay i get it!" niki stopped her from speaking "i'll help you" he sighed. he needed all the help he can get to win over sunoo even if it means breaking a promise to a friend.

gen umped up excitedly and hugged niki so tight he almost saw stars there.


"just ask him!" sunoo provoked as he walked down the hall heading to the library.

"i can't just say 'hey jake, date me' " heeseung stated as if it was so easy to ask his crush aka ex fuck buddy on a date.

"yes you can?" sunoo paused halfway thinking of the reality. yeah, definitely not something to do unless you're the park jongseong.

"then, let's make it a double date!" sunoo suggested. heeseung looked at him as if he said the earth was flat.

"me and hoon and you and jakey!" sunoo blushed after mentioning sunghoon's name. heeseung sighed knowing well niki fell for this oblivious idiot.

"how about niki" heeseung suggested "hoon has practice almost everyday" he tried making excuses seeing this as an opportunity to thank niki for earlier today with jake.

"no! not him! anyone but niki!" sunoo blurted out suddenly panicking which was a bit odd as he always made some snarky remark.

"he doesn't bite" heeseung patted sunoo's bac and bursted out laughing seeing sunoo's scared face.

"but i already went out with him this weekend" sunoo sighed, feeling defeated.

"you did?! how was it?"

"nothing apart from niki's new look. the rain poured and i called sunghoon to pick me up" sunoo said and heeseung face palmed.

"tell me you're joking" he groaned. sunoo didn't seem to be and heeseung felt bad for the kid.

"that's it. niki's coming along!"

heeseung pulled out his phone and texted niki the details. as he was walking he bumped into the classroom door.

hissing at the pain he rubbed his aching head while sunoo snickered.

"wrong door fool!" sunoo joked but then he saw something that left him speechless "uhh hyung let's go" he tried driving heeseung away but there was no point as the boy caught sight of the pair making out in the empty classroom.

"seung, let's just–" heeseung removed sunoo's grasp and walked off in the other direction.

the pair hear the commotion and quickly stopped. jake was surprised to see sunoo standing there.

the door opened and sunoo was met with a messy jake. hair in all directions, lips swollen and his shirt crimpled.

"was that heeseung?" jake asked trying to fix himself. he looked a bit taken aback and a bit of guilt lingered in his eyes when sunoo nodded in confirmation. the other guy just bid jake goodbye and walked off.

"jake hyung, as your friend, i think you should stop messing around like this"

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