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"shit shit shit" sunoo's his eyes raked over the once familiar room.

niki's room.

mentally screaming at himself, sunoo carefully slid his hand out from under the said boy while untangling their hands.

the pink haired came empty handed and so he left, quietly....or atleast he hoped to leave.

"sunshine?" the voice of niki's nana stopped sunoo dead in his tiptoed escape.

he faced her and put on his best smile "nana! uh hi" he bowed in respect nervously picking at his shirt.

"not staying for breakfast?" she offered setting a glass of milk next to a plate of pancakes and strawberries.

"uhhh" c'mon sunoo think of something. a white lie won't hurt anyone right?

"early classes" he lied and regretted it immediately, her wrinkles visibly dropped along with her smile.

"but a small breakfast won't hurt!" he smiled brightly and the old woman's wrinkly smile was joy to sunoo's warm heart.

he sat down and she sat across him watching him eat. it was a bit weird at first but her endless questions about sunoo's life started flowing.

'what's your major now?'

'you've gotten so much prettier, what's your skincare?'

most of the questions was filled with his academics and how pretty he looked until...

"sunoo-shi-" she reached out to touch sunoo's hand "do you perhaps still like my riki?"

sunoo almost choked on the strawberry that didn't digest yet.

"oh dear!" sunoo's coughing was endless until niki's nana handed him a glass of water.

"i'm sorry that was not very polite of me" she apologized and took sunoo's plate to the sink.

"i-um-gotta go. thank you for the amazing breakfast" sunoo thanked and scurried put the door.

'what the fuck was that sunoo?! and why's your heart pulpating so loudly?'


niki woke up the the heat of the sun
shining on his face.

memories of last night flooded through him. beautiful memories. a smile plastered his face.

finally! sunoo's with me now and he likes me back!

his free hand felt oddly empty but he paid no mind to it as he searched for sunoo who maybe turned in his sleep.


niki turned to his right where he remembered sunoo lay, ready to engulf the boy in a tight hug but there was no one.

niki's eyes shot open and looked to his sides. sunoo's gone?

'nono not another dream.'

niki panicked it all felt too real. he put on his shirt and practically flew downstairs to see his grandma knitting on her rocking chair.

"finally someone's up. i put your breakfast in the microwave, reheat it before you eat" she said and continued her knitting.

"nana did sunoo leave early this morning?" niki asked in a hurry as if his life depended on it at that moment.

the tbhught of their confessions last night being fake or all in niki's dumb head made him go into a frenzy.

'it has to be real'

"yup. he said he had early classes"

niki let out a long sigh of relief and threw himself on the couch that was not far.

"nana thank heavens! i thought everything  tht happened was all a dream" he looked up at the ceiling completely lost in his own series of flashbacks.

touching his lips, he remembered how sunoo returned his kiss last night and the feeling of butterflies doing twirls in his stomach. it felt like a fucking movie and niki was glad to be wuth sunoo in it even if he wasn't the main character.

"your future would stay a dream if you don't get up now!" she threw a ball of yarn at him but did the boy care? not a bit.

overjoyed was too much to explain his feelings right now.

with all this happening niki forgot everything about sunghoon.

he was too hyped to see sunoo at uni today!

after 12 years of knowing sunoo, today changed everything for niki.

he waited for this day and he couldn't be happier.

a/n: couldn't be happier for niki, right?

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