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"where's my phone?" ni-ki frantically paced around his room. his clothes on the floor, the covers on his bed thrown somewhere and his desk in a mess.

ni-ki hurriedly made his way to the living room "nana have you seen my phone?" he asked, looking on the countertop and in between the cushions of the sofa.

"have you checked in the shower? you always listen to music there" the old lady who was preparing dinner, said.

"right! how can i forget! thanks nana" ni-ki scurried to the bathroom to get his phone and then back down.

"why are you in such a hurry?"

"i have a date nana" ni-ki gave her a knowing smile. she looked at ni-ki for a brief moment.

"oh my! finally! who are they? do they live around here?" she bombarded him with questions. ni-ki could only stand there and wait until she's done talking "wait a minute, is it sunoo?"

ni-ki choked at his grandmother's bold assumption. she was right but it still shocked ni-ki at how easily she guessed that.

"it's not technically a date, nana" he saw how her crinkled smile dropped at that but he didn't want to give his nana any false pretenses.

"so who else is going then?"

"no one"

"then it is a date!" she exclaimed loudly, clapping her hands and ni-ki sighed at his grandma's silly antics.

"it's not nana! it was just a silly dare he lost. i asked him to come with me" he explained to her but her expression didn't change.

"you two have been doing these dares since you were little kids. those dares will put you both in trouble" she warned. having known the two for a really long time, it was no surpise this was a dare.

"okay, nana. i'll be leaving now" he kisses his grandmother on the cheek, taking his coat and headed out the door.


"you're late." sunoo stood at the entrance of the café, his foot tapping against the marbled flooring.


"you walked here."

"walking traffic?" ni-ki spat out, only realizing his stupid answer a mere second later. he closed his eyes shut knowing sunoo would sure make fun of him for it with some snarky comeback.

a few seconds passed and ni-ki heard laughter erupting from the boy in front of him. he opened his eyes to be greeted by an unusual but mesmerizing sight. 

sunoo was laughing.

"walking traffic? that's the dumbest thing i have ever heard"

it was the dumbest thing ni-ki has ever heard too. why did he even say that?

"can we go in now?" ni-ki gestured to the door in front of them. sunoo took a deep breathe to stop his laughing.

"you first"

"no you first"

"ni-ki just–go!"

"ladies first, sunoo" ni-ki teased the boy earning a kick in his shin "ouch! was that necessary?" ni-ki looked at him with a pained face.

"yes. yes it was" sunoo said and walked straight into the café, leaving a slightly injured ni-ki. the café was the definition of cute. the pastel colours complementing the brightly colored daisies on every table. the streamers that hung at each corner and the pastries–

sunoo went to the counter, gawking at the cakes in his view. all the cakes were frosted to imitate animals.

"welcome to sun and moon café, how may i help you?"

"can i get this one– that one– oh and this one. oh! oh! and–"

"he'll just take the first one" ni-ki cut him off, looking at everything sunoo is ordering.

"yah! i wanted those!" sunoo pouted.

"don't forget you're paying. you should thank me for saving your wallet"

"whatever" sunoo huffed and went to sit down. ni-ki couldn't help but smile at him. days like these don't come very often especially one where he gets to be with sunoo. alone without any sunghoon, park sunghoon. ni-ki's nemesis in winning the heart of the sunshine.

"you what?! that's disgusting" sunoo fake gagged at ni-ki's sudden confession.

"what's wrong with microwaving strawberries?" ni-ki was clearly confused and sunoo just looked at him with wide eyes. was this kid was serious? who microwaves strawberries?.

"yah! you can't be serious! let me guess, you also eat your watermelon with salt on it too?"

ni-ki gave him a guilty look. can you blame him? he finds sweetness is the most odd things. sunoo looked so done with ni-ki, he started rubbing the sides of his head "you're giving me a headache"

"what about mint choco? surely we both don't like it" ni-ki suggested. there was surely something they both loved or enjoyed together.

"do you have amnesia? i love mint choco!"

"that's it we're not friends anymore!"

"we weren't friends to begin with" yes, they were kidding before but now somehow those words switched up ni-ki's mood in a nano-second.

they were never friends. not even once sunoo considered ni-ki a friend or a companion at the very least.

"well we aren't um enemies anymore"

"then what are we?" sunoo asked hands folded together holding up his chin as he stared at ni-ki through his eyelashes.


ni-ki was in trouble. his carefree nature to speak what's on his mind was not very helpful right now.

'i want to be your boyfriend! just give me a chance! i can treat you better than sunghoon!'

"huh?" was all ni-ki managed to escape his lips. he chickened-out, yes. and he will forever continue to do it unless he sprouts some confidence overnight.

"what are we, nishimura? if we aren't enemies? then what i am to you?"

my world, my home

"my enemy"

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