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"you good?" 

"do i look 'good'?" ni-ki glared at him "i'm so fucking happy" ni-ki shook jake who sat next to him.

"oh my god, you scared me!" jake jumped and ni-ki's sudden outburst "what happened? did i miss something?"

"sunoo told me that my piece was better than sunghoon"s" ni-ki smiled brightly and jake did the same. he never saw ni-ki truly and genuinely smile about his conversations with sunoo and today he saw it.

"that's cause his face is the artwork" jake stated the obvious, jokingly and ni-ki rolled his eyes leaning back into his chair.

"but he likes it. sunoo hyung likes my drawing" ni-ki slumped down into his chair, stared into the ceiling, dreamingly. he looks lovesick.

"you got it bad dude" jake commented and then he saw sunoo and sunghoon sit behind them in the auditorium. a lightbulb shining above jake's head. he had a plan, a risky but good one.

"ni-ki" he called loud enough to draw the attention from the pair "did you like when sunoo complimented your drawing?"

"hyung are you deaf?" ni-ki looked at him "i loved it so so much" jake bit back a smile after he saw sunoo's shocked face and sunghoon's who's reaction was hard to tell. cold as always.

" gosh i lo—"

"okay okay! they will announce the winners soon so be quiet" jake covered his mouth, not wanting ni-ki to confess without knowing what he is doing.

"i hope i win. i'll get to take sunoo on a da—"

"haha yea that dare! he has to pay for everything you order? gosh you're a genius!" jake said as if ni-ki's punishment was a good thing but the lovesick boy wouldn't shut up about sunoo when the latter was right there.

"yes but you know i didn't—ow!"

jake pinched ni-ki's thigh for him to shut up "look jieun's on stage now be quiet" jake gave him a glare and sighed in relief when ni-ki didn't say anything further.

"welcome back everyone! i hope you all enjoyed looking at all the art pieces! now every  vote was counted and there was a clear winner" she announced.

ni-ki shifted forward, biting down on the tips on his fingers. 

"as you know, i will be announcing our top 3 winners of this competition. each will collect your prizes after. at 3rd place we have park sunghoon"

ni-ki rolled his eyes at the name as sunghoon collected his prize.

"at 2nd place we have, jeon jungkook"

"and finally at 1st place we have– drum roll please"

everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the name to be called.

"nishimura riki"

the stiffness in his chest died down and jake squeezed the boy in a suffocating hug. when he got out of his friends grip he made his way to the stage to collect his award.


"congratulations, kid" jieun patted his head. they were backstage and they were collecting they're prizes.

"i'm not a kid" ni-ki complained "jay tell your sister i'm not a kid! we're only three years apart!"

"hey, if she says your a kid then you are" jay spoke up, he dare not go against his sister "i don't wanna get another concussion again"

ni-ki was caught up in the sibling argument he didn't notice someone was glaring at him from the corner of the small room.

"psst" jake came and whispered in ni-ki's ear, the boy didn't even flinch. jake just ignored it and continued "can you get me a bottled water?" 

"can't you get it yourself? i haven't collected the pri—"

"please?" jake showed his infamous puppy eyes to ni-ki and the boy sighed knowing jake won't stop making that weird face.

"fine" ni-ki said and walked off hearing a faint 'thanks' from his annoying friend.

when ni-ki left, jake saw sunghoon staring in his direction but when their eyes met the other immediately looked away.

jake bit his lip nervously. sunghoon was always so composed and calm and he looked damn good doing it, jake thought. the way he casually sat on the chair, legs open a bit with his phone in his hand letting his hair fall carelessly over his eyes.

"he's such boyfriend material"

jake made his way over to sunghoon. steps fast and eager to talk to the boy and congratulate him on winning 3rd place.

"hoo—" jake was cut off by a harsh tug on his hood making him stumbled back a few steps away from his destination.

"bitch what the fu—heeseung hyung?" jake's words died in his throat when he saw who it was. "i'm busy hyung can we talk later?"


jake tried wriggling himself out of heeseung's hold and the latter eventually let go "what's your problem?"

"i don't have any. where were you going?" heeseung folded his arms and looked at jake. their height difference just made jake feel more intimidated.

"sunghoon hyung. he won 3rd place so—" heeseung didn't even let the boy finish his sentence when he spoke again.

"so? he is good at ice skating, photography and drawing and you're at his feet already?" heeseung tsked after his own words just made his day worse.

"shhh" jake quickly put his hand on heeseung's lips to make him quiet " he may hear you?" jake turned to look at sunghoon who was still on his phone and he sighed in relief.

jake looked back to see his finger still on heeseung's lips. heeseung raised one brow in confusion and jake quickly removed his finger.


"so you do like him?" heeseung ignored his apology and just went straight to the point.

"can you lower your voice? and yes i do but please don't tell him. he and sunoo have liked each other for so long and i don't want to get in the way of that" jake heart broke everytime he thought or spoke about sunoo and sunghoon unconfirmed relationship.

oh but boy did he know how the male who stood before him felt. eyes shattering with all hope that was left for him and jake.

"doesn't uhh ni-ki like sunoo?"

"he does"

"okay" the nonchalant tone confused jake "goodluck jaeyun!" heeseung gave him a smile and put his shoulder  giving him a reassuring squeeze "he would be stupid not to reject you"

heeseung cheered him on and took his leave, walking out of the auditorium with his hands in his pockets.

"and i'm stupid for falling for you, jaeyun"

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