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"hey sun, you alright?" sunghoon peaked a glance at the boy in the passenger seat. he looked zoned out for a bit.

niki kissed me.

niki, the one who hates me, kissed me.

nishimura riki kissed me

niki, my arch nemesis, stole my first kiss

"sun!" sunghoon waved a hand in front of him, still facing the road ahead of him "are you sick?" he asked seeing the boy drenched, he reached for a blanket from the back of his car.

"why do you have a blanket in your car?" sunoo asked puzzled and trying to change topics.

"oh that" sunghoon chuckled " gen falls asleep in my car so i keep those incase"

gen? that must've been the girl he was with at the skating rink.

"gen?" sunoo knew he shouldn't ask but he couldn't help himself. the blanket wrapped around him hugging his trembling body.

"oh! you don't remember her?" sunoo furrowed his eyebrows lost in thought. gen gen, doesn't ring a bell.

"dumpling remind you of anyone?" sunghoon spoke up. sunoo's mouth dropped open in realization.

"the chubby girl who always ate dumplings morning, noon and night!" sunoo exclaimed as the memory of the little 6 year old girl stuffing her face with dumplings during lunchtime.

she got made fun of and many called her fatty for her size but sunghoon would always stop playing with him and go play hero for her.

the memory was a bit funny and sunoo smiled a bit at it. she was funny and friendly and no harm to anyone. maybe she likes hoon after he stood up for her all those times.

"we're here!" sunghoon pulled up to sunoo's apartment complex and escorted him to his room, made sure he was washed and well and then left.

'who wouldn't fall for such a sweet boy?' sunoo thought as sunghoon left. the kiss and niki all forgotten about.


"sunoo!" niki rushed to other's side the next day as he walked to his first class "you okay?" niki asked after catching up with sunoo's steps "fever?" niki checked sunoo's forehead and thankfully it wasn't hot.

loud giggles and whispers came from the hallways. seemed like both the boys forgot about niki's new look.

sunoo just ignored the adamant boy and walked into his first class.

"hey abou–" both niki and sunoo stopped dead in their tracks when they saw sunghoon and jake side by side talking their hearts away and heeseung sat behind jake, headphones plugged in as he stared blankly at the said boy's back.

the tension in the room was thick but the chatty pair seemed not too notice it and riki felt bad for hee so he left sunoo's side and intervened.

"jake hyung!" he dropped his backpack on the desk "i'm sitting here"

"woah! niki when did you the new look?" sunghoon interrupted acting as if he didn't steal sunoo from him yesterday, again.

"yesterday" riki answered with a flat tone and turned his attention back to jake "hyung! class is about to start! go sit with heeseung hyung!" riki mentally smirked.

jake sighed and picked up his backup and moved to sit next to heeseung who removed his headphones and look at niki confused only to get a wink in return and a 'fighting' from sunoo was stood directly behind him.

riki turned to get to his seat and almost fell back onto jake's desk "watch where you're going" riki snarled having gotten used to his and sunoo's childish bickering.

"if you would move out of the way some of us could actually pass" sunoo answered with a scowl. niki stood up and sunoo didn't move, their lips almost brushing past each other in the haste of the moment.

they both froze a strong tension building between the two, sunoo was the first to break it by walking away to sit at the very back of the classroom.

niki stood their puzzled for a few minutes until two girls came up to him. one nudging the other in front.

"riki san⁓" the girl addressed in an annoying high pitched voice. niki never had anyone come up to him before apart from his friends and family, so he just stood there waiting for what they had to say.

an awkward silence filled the room as the two girls couldn't stop bouncing on their heels.

"uhh my friend here wants to get your number" one spoke up. her hair tied in a messy bun. niki was flabbergasted. is this what it feels like getting asked out because he wasn't interested at all.

"me? you're the one who dragged me here" her friend defended but niki couldn't care less.

"hey girls, i'm am terribly sorry but i am interested in someone else"

the two girls let out a gasp and huffed, walking away leaving riki confused as hell.

"you like someone?" niki turned to see sunghoon propped up on his elbows equally intrigued as the pair behind him.

niki scratched his head. he knew the odd pair was aware but sunghoon had no idea and niki planned on not letting him find out.

"oh well it's nobody" he answered looking down at his feet earning a mocking chuckle from sunghoon.

"c'mon dude. is she cute?

he is.

"more like she" jake coughed at the back and niki sent him a death glare. heeseung snickered making jake look at him with furrowed eyebrows. heeseung quickly cleared his throat and turned to the window.

anyone could tell behind that mask was a blushing heeseung who couldn't get over a hookup.

niki took his seat and started scribbling notes all through class. he may have changed his looks but he would never let his grades slip.

after class the same girl sunghoon was with at the competition bursted into the class and slammed her hands on sunghoon's desk.

"hoonie! come on let's go. i'm hungry" she grabbed his hand and tugged it.

"okay okay, gen i'll be there in a second" sunghoon laughed and shoved his things into his back.

just then sunoo showed up and waved his hand politely at her. niki was confused, wasn't this the girl who made him cry over sunghoon?

"hi gen!"

"omo! sunoo!" she turned to the boy and captured him in a big hug. sunoo squinted his eyes asking her to let go because he can't breathe.

niki was hella confused especially when the girl sneakily placed a note on his desk and walked away with the two.

meet me after your class ends on the football field

                                                                                          ⁓love dumplings

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