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standing outside  iki's grandmother's house felt like torture especially when holding a hot and freshly baked pie.

"jungwon-ah let's go in please" gen begged prickling her fingers at the edge of the pan.

"just a minute" jungwon replied checking his phone and looking out the street.

"won, they're not coming" jay spoke up. as much as jungwon didn't want to believe the rest of the grkup ditched niki, he still had hope.

"fine" he sighed "lets go"

they walked up to the porch and hesistantly knocked on the door but there was no answer.

"rikiiiii!" jay shouted and jungwon slapped his arm telling him to shush.

gen snickered and commented on the behaviour "you know, you two would make a perfect couple"

jay visibly tensed but jungwon couldn't see as his back was turned to him however gen did.

"jay has two corn seeds for braincells" jungwon laughed at his own joke.

"i agree"

the voice was none other gen nor jay. the group turned to see heeseung and jake walking towards them with strawberries and a giant sized melon.

jungwon would be lying if he said he almost cried.

"you guys actually came!" gen smiled "...together tpo" she smirked

"ahaha yeah um well niki is our friend so we can't abandon him" jake's words stumbled out of his mouth at gen's previous remark.

"now we just have one slight problem" jay sighed "nobody's home"

"are you serious?" jake walked forward between jungwon and jay who only then realized their close proximity and distanced themselves.

"she keeps the key under the mat" jake pulled out a key from under the 'welcome home' door mat.

"she should find somewhere else to put that, this aint some movie" jay rambled out as jakr opened the door letting everyon in.e

they set their things on the kitchen counter and make their way up the staircase to surprise niki.

"finally that hot pan is out of-"


they all shushed gen at once and she zipped her mouth and threw away the key making jake let out a laugh.

he looked down at him from the stairs, gen saw this and quiclky hurried everyone to walk.

niki's room was opened and if it was anyone else they would assume the boy was not home but in reality a figure coulf be seen through the blanket wiggling their toes.

jay put his finger to his lips telling everyone to remaim quiet and they all got the idea. slowly they approached the bed and grasped the ends of his mattress.

silemtly counting to 3 they threw niki off the bed and onto the carpetted floor.

niki screamed so loud the neighbours would think he was being kidnapped the group began laughing and jay couldn't help himself but fall back onto the gaming chair.

niki on the other hand scrambled out of his sheets and was met with bright faces. ignoring the heart attack he just had he laughed along with them because honestly this was something he would have done too.

"that's one way to get you off the bed" heeseung snickered.

niki groaned and looked up his friends.

"oh god" jungwon shrieked

niki's hair a mess, his eyebags were terrible and he looked as if he hadn't showered in days

"please please tell me you showered within the last twenty-four hours?" jake asked what evrybody was dying to know

"uh what day is it?" niki scratched his head and let out a yawn

"friday" gen asked a little confused by that.

"huh?" niki's voice was hoarse and lazyy. it was sleepy and undetermined.

"dude come on get up" heeseung went to his friend, took him by the arm and lifted him up.

niki,however protested and cried trying his best to stay put.

"niki! dude! get the fuck up" heeseung struggled

gen, jungwon,jay and jake joined in to help heeseung.

niki was a tough nut to crack but nothing this group can't handle.


the mention of sunoo's name made everyone freeze and look each other.

"wait? what happened? is he okay?" niki scrambled to his feet and jay smacked his head.

"more than fine without you buddy, let him go" was jay's only words of advice.

"yeah niki let go, sunoo is not worth it" jungwon told truthfully. he will not sugar ckat it for niki.

"right now get your ass up again and go shower, your teachers ars complaining about the smart kid's outstanding assignments"

"but" niki tried protesting but gen had enough. she took gim by the arm and dragged him to the bathroom.

"shower and then come downstairs you're not acting like this because of sunoo who doesn't give a fuck about your state niki"

gen finished her quarrel and clpsed to door leaving niki stunned and ashamed.

the rest of them looked at her im shock and she just shrugged.

"let's go microwave those darn strawberries and make blood pressure prone watermelons" she smiled and headed downstairs.

"i hope niki can move on"

a/n pls excuse grammar errors i'm super tired at the moment

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