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"ni-ki, buddy give it a rest, i'm sure he'll come around soon"

 jake looked at his friend with pity. the blonde haired was in distress. sunoo has not answered any one of his calls since yesterday evening. not that he ever did before but this time was different.

jake sighed and grabbed ni-ki's phone out of his hold, when the latter seemed to caught up in his emotions.

"hey! give that–"

"no no. today is your friend's skating competition so no distractions" jake persisted and ni-ki merely scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

to jake it seemed like a childish act but jake didn't know what happened yesterday. how that son of a bitch broke his sunshine's smile.

just the thought of it sent him fuming and he was pretty sure sunoo would never show up today. let's be real who would attend their ex crushes skating competition after they've been straight up rejected?

not too long after the rest of the friend group joined them. even though ni-ki knew sunoo was a no show he still helplessly raked his eyes through the only three that walked into the venue.

jake quickly raised his hand and gestured them over. heeseung without a thought made his way over to jake's side and plopped himself there.

jay and jungwon gave each other a little smirk and proceeded to the two empty seats near ni-ki.

"where's sunoo?" jungwon asked looking for his friend and ni-ki tensed up a bit. jungwon noticed this "did you guys have another ridiculous fight?' jungwon spoke again, not knowing what else to expect from the pair.

ni-ki sighed. heeseung was busy flirting with jake who was completely oblivious. jay and jungwon's attention were now focused on him.

"sunoo got rejec–"

"sup guys!" sunoo's voice startled ni-ki. the pink haired boy stood at the end of their row. his eyes swollen a little as he clung to the sweater he was wearing.

ni-ki would have found it adorable in any other situation but not when the culprit of sunoo's tears was currently putting on his skates with his 'girlfriend' clinging to him.

"sunoo!" jungwon stood up and hugged him "i thought you wouldn't show" he laughed and sunoo let out a nervous chuckle "did you and him have another fight?" jungwon whispered a little. 

sunoo looked over to ni-ki only to see the latter's gaze already on him. his face reddened at this.


"wonie, leave him alone and sit down!" jay interrupted, pulling jungwon down in the seat next to him.

jay smirked as the seat next to ni-ki was now empty. sunoo had no choice but to sit there. it was a little uncomfortable considering that ni-ki was still staring at him like a helpless kitten.

"stop staring!" sunoo managed to say and turned the latter's face away but ni-ki was stubborn. 

he still stared. 

truth is that he was still worried and sunoo's lack of enthusiasm only made it worse.

"are you okay?" he asked. sunoo was surprised by the soft tone but nevertheless brushed it off and replied.

" 'm fine"

"are you sure?"


"sure sure?"

"ugh yess"

"sure sure sure?"

"nishimura get away from my face! you're annoying and your breath stinks" sunoo pushed the boy away who only drew further as he questioned.

"my breath smells like butterflies and honey" ni-ki said proudly. sunoo let out a snicker at ni-ki's stupidity.

"butterflies don't have a smell dumbass" he cussed and ni-ki's mouth formed an 'o' shape pretending to now realize what he said.

sunoo began laughing and so did ni-ki. their friends were a little puzzled as they both leaned on each other letting the uncontrollable sound escape them and some eyes darted their way.

"they would make a cute couple" jungwon stated as he stared at sunoo and riki.

"like us?" jay turned to him and winked. jungwon only slapped him playfully, knowing well jay is accustomed to saying these things to others.

what he didn't know was jay actually meant it this time but jungwon didn't need to know that just yet.

"okay you two! that's enough" jake tried shutting them up a little and it worked "i'm going to wish hoon goodluck, anyone wanna join?"

sunoo's smiled immediately dropped. jake noticed and decided to let it be for now.


ni-ki looked away not daring to go to that insignificant fool. heeseung pretended to be on his phone not wanting to see jake all over sunghoon.

"fine! jay and jungwon. let's go!" he pulled up the two and dragged them along with him. when they left ni-ki looked at heeseung.

"you still like him, don't you hyung?" 

heeseung sighed and clicked his phone off.

"i do but he's head over heels in love with sunghoon and i don't wanna interfere" 

heeseung was right but ni-ki knew if he continued to think like that then himself and heeseung would live with the regret for the rest of their lives.

ni-ki thought for a bit and gave up he had no way of reassuring his hyung.

"we'll help you!" sunoo spoke up from behind ni-ki.


ni-ki turned to him confused but he quickly regretted it. their faces were inches apart as sunoo leaned over his shoulder.

his heart beat was ecstatic and his face reddened a little. thankfully heeseung saved him from utter embarrassment.

"how? jake likes sunghoon" 

"he has a girlfriend" sunoo blurted and ni-ki looked back at him, a little shocked by sunoo's boldness.

"is that why you– nevermind. so you would really help me?"

"ofcourse hyung. riki and i have nothing better to do anyways" sunoo spoke up forcing a smile.

"i didn't even agree to this!" ni-ki protested but sunoo put his over his mouth, shutting him up.

"you don't need to" sunoo rolled his eyes and ni-ki shot him a glare.

just then there friends came back and heeseung noticed the dull look in jake's expression. one that was so different to when he left and then he remembered.

'sunghoon has a girlfriend'

"what's wrong, jakey?" he still asked even after knowing fully well why.

"nothing!" jake rushed out as the game started. heeseung didn't miss the single tear that rolled down on the boy's face and his heart sunk at that.

heeseung snaked his arm around jake shoulder as a way to comfort him and surprisingly jake didn't push him away.

'i would never hurt you jakey'


a/n: i'm open to idea suggestions for this ff! thank you for reading, ily <3

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