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Helgi was touched when they all gave him various foods.

Basen took Lily out because Violan had a hunch that Helgi's story wasn't something a child should listen to.

"Hey, Raon, how old are you?"
"Hnm? I'm 4 years old this year!"

Helgi lowered his head.

"How have you been all this time? No need to answer if you don't want to."

Raon tilted his head in confusion.

"I was tortured in the cave after my eggs were sold to the Stan family. But now, I'm fine!"

Helgi's eyes shook as he lowered his head full of guilt.

"I, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault... Hic, hisk... Because of me, you are in that position. I entrusted Redika to throw the black egg in the cave and cast temperature magic, I didn't know that, he didn't listen to me. He told me that you haven't hatched yet, every time I ask."

Helgi knelt and prostrated in front of Raon leaving everyone in shock.

"Your brother, the red egg, hisk, became the basis in my creation... Hisk... I never expected it to be like this, hisk, I won't even be angry if you don't forgive me..."

Raon looked at Rok Soo and the others who were also confused.  But Rok Soo's face turned cold.

"So you're the reason Raon can be sold to the Stan family."

Helgi couldn't help but cry guiltily which showed Rok Soo's words were true.

"And what are you actually? Why do you say you were created?"

Helgi dispelled the magic he had on him, and his hair color turned ugly black, and his skin was slightly scaly in a strange way.

"My father, no, the person I once wished to be my father, wanted to create a dragon, and I am the chimera, his creature."

Helgi kowtowed to Raon looking helpless.

"To create me, hisk, I ate 5 dragon hearts. For 900 years, I was not allowed to see light and was confined in a cave... Because of that, I can only entrust the black egg to Redika. I sincerely apologize to you."

Raon grabbed Helgi's shoulder.

"I believe you are a good person because long hair grandpa will not take you if you are a bad person! How have you been treated for 900 years?"

Raon asked in a cheerful tone.  He was sad that his brother died and the other dragons too.  But it's true, Helgi didn't ask to be made into a strange monster.

"My blood being sucks when I disobey or that bastard just wants to see me suffer. I'm out here because one of our accomplices needs help. After all, Mavros nim is attacking the base."

Helgi looked calmer now.

"I attacked Mavros nim, even when he said he wouldn't hurt me. I was never treated well and was even sold by my birth parents to that bastard."

Helgi's tears didn't stop flowing as guilt continued to flood him.

"I thought he was just talking nonsense to treat me well. That bastard also looked good at first, but he turned me into a monster like this! I can't trust anyone!"

Those who saw how tormented Helgi was, felt pity.  Cale felt curious as to who that bastard was and tortured him.

This was not much different from the cannibalism he saw a few years ago.

"And when our side regarded me as a useless item, Mavros nim saved me from a dead mana bomb. I was by their side, but they didn't even care about me!"

Helgi's cries grew heavy.

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